Online Grocery Recommendation


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Hey all mummies out there!

I desperately need some recommendations for buying groceries online. I am currently a full time housewife(7 months pregnant =S) with 2 kids at the moment so its really inconvenient for me to get my daily groceries (fresh of course) from the local supermarket. As i am super picky on the quality of my food... lol, i am not really sure whether I should rely on online groceries because I want to spend more time with my kids. I have read some good reviews on
Purelyfresh (a local online grocery shop.. i suppose), so i would like to know if anyone of you happen to have tried their service? I notice that the price of the food is slightly above the market average (comparing with other local supermarket), so i would like to know whether the price justify the quality of the food purchase?

Kindly advise!


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I have tried various online groceries shopping before, i have not much problem with any of them. However, I think it depends on what item you are getting because some items are no available/limited on certain website. Look through the one you mention "Purelyfresh", understand that they have a promotion going on (Seems quite worth it, SGD 15 off first purchase). Perhaps you can give it a try and let us know your experience? They seem to have relatively good reviews on their facebook page but oh well.. no harm trying =) good luck!