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    The Lil’ but Mighty Blog: Empowering Parents through English Tips
    To address your needs, the Lil’ but Mighty English blog was started to help more parents be the first line of guidance for their children’s English education outside of school.
    With weekly tips on parts of English such as comprehension, creative writing, grammar and oral, we hope to empower parents and children with the fundamental English knowledge that is needed for the assessment in school. The best bit - it’s all completely free!

    Here are some examples of the content parents and educators can find on the Lil’ but Mighty Blog:
    1) Essential information on the current examination format and past topics, such as this list of past PSLE Situation Writing Topics.
    Picture 1.jpg

    2) Free and easy-to-use resources, such as book-reading records and this oral stimulus-based conversation checklist.
    Picture 2.jpg

    3) Step-by-step guide to various strategies. For example, this guide on using ‘who’, ‘whom’ and ‘whose’.
    Picture 3A.jpg

    4) Application of strategies on real examination questions (e.g. Grammar | Finding helping words the iDoT way`11)
    Picture 4A.jpg

    Check out more Primary English tips at


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