Our family Confinement Lady - First class in taking best care of people


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Dear Mummies, soon-to-be Mummies and also all the Daddies like myself,

My newborn baby boy is 3 weeks old and I have just registered here in plain hope that I may share with all our personal best experiences with our family Confinement Lady (CL) of whom we call her Auntie.

Auntie is also the CL for both my elder sisters, cousins and close friends. Our family intend to engage her for as long as there are newborns in the family. So why is she exactly worth our strongest recommendations? I shall say it is simply because she works with your baby and your family's best interests in mind.

Commitment - My wife and I sleep in another room, leaving my newborn and her in the other. She will wake up a few times at night to feed my baby and even when it is just to close the windows in the kitchen at times of strong winds, she will wake up and close them though she is very tired. She will not only cater our baby's feeding time according to our breast-pumping schedule, she will also ensure leftovers from feeding are kept warm so that our baby will not be fed any lesser than the instructed amount.

Honest and creative - She is able to handle all the buying from the market for you. She has good memory based on her past work experiences, as such she is able to tell us the prices of the items bought when we need to pay her. By telling her your favourites, she is able to think of dishes based on what are available. Upon your agreement, she will get the necessary ingredients to create confinement dishes customised according to your tastes. As she has also worked for tze-char stalls selling a wide variety of dishes, her cooking standard is in no way lower than hawker stalls except that she cooks in a healthier way according to your capacity of handling heaty confinement food.

Experienced trainer for maids - Since she is from Batam, she is able to speak both Mandarin, Hokkien and Bahasa Indonesia. As such, I find her an invaluable trainer for my new maid for cooking and household chores. There was a 5-days period at which my former maid had to be sent back due to misconduct, Auntie took over the household chores for us - this is what I meant by working with your interests in mind.

In order not to make this look like an ad from an agent, I shall not continue with all the other kind gestures that she has exhibited in her work.

If you find that you want to engage someone who has already proven her sincerity through taking the best care of people to me and my family and other families, pls call Auntie at either her local mobile no: 9896-2401 or Indonesian mobile no: +62 81364280288.
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Hi daddysgp

Thanks for your sharing. Could you share how do we address this Auntie? What is her name? How much is her charges?
Also, can I quote your name when checking with Auntie?

My 2nd child's EDD is Apr 15.