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Out of goodwill I would like to help share my family experience with GM general contractor. Pricing wise very honest and from start to finish explaining every details to help us decide the best affordable materials suitable to our lifestyle. My uncle started his flooring reno engaging him for his Korean Vinyl and we were amazed for his unique designing. He stayed till the end ensuring best workmanship from his employees. Next my aunt had them vinyl for kitchen renovation and redone her cabinets and she was very very satisfied. My mom too engage him for built in furnitures customised for my siblings and despite small space the storage were plentiful and useful. I am getting my bto and for my full renovation u wont believe it the price given couldnt come close to other over priced interiors i have enquired. He just expanded his company to pte ltd from sole proprietor. You can check out www.facebook.com/interiorzcouture
Or www.gmrockstarz.wixsite.com/vinylreno hardworking and humble man you can watsapp him for enquiries if you are still looking around but i assure you will be satisfied. You need to already have a clear idea of how u want things done and he will guide along . He is not an id so hence his great pricing and my family great savings for satisfactory quality.