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Is "packing" of the bedroom considered a taboo? I have this habit of clearing out stash (clothes/skincare/etc) every few months. Tidy up all the stuff in the cabinet/drawers. I read that it's no good to shift furniture. But I'm merely planning to pack it up.

My inlaws are quite pung tung so I'm trying to make peace as much as possible :)


Oh it's not good to shift furnitures?
I need to clear one of my rooms for my maid. Means when hubby is cleaning up I cant be in the house?


I think its okay to shift as long as you're not the one who do it. Some of these pantang is actually to scare you so you don't do those dangerous act yourself.


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There's something under my bed which I've been wanting to dig out but my MIL already instructed don't I (or my hubby) ever think about it (haha not in a mean way). My hubby discretely told me just days ago that if I really need the stuff I can just stay outside the bedroom and he will close door and take for me. But I told him it's ok. Just pung tung for few months and I can actually just buy the item brand new. =)

Gabriel Li

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Hello all,

I am just wondering, as my child was born 6weeks back. If it will be alright for me to attend wedding? will it clash?

Thank you!