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    I'm the mother of baby girl Marcie, who has eczema since 2 weeks old. Marcie is 17 month old now and she's better now. I like to find other parents with eczema children, to discuss, share and support each other. In the meantime, I have a blog related to children eczema,

    Mei, aka Marcie's Mom
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    Thanks for the reply, have visited mummy's review and look forward to finding other parents with eczema kids for sharing and support.
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    hi, my baby girl also had eczema since 5mos. On and off eczema... i used the propolis balm which a mummy here introduced it to me and it really helps in clearing the eczema but the down side is that the balm stains coz it's color brown but what the heck as long as it heals the skin and not itchy. But due to on and off eczema a mummy here suggested to bring it to kclinic so i would now what food triggers the allergy. The doctor said its atopic dermititis and its not allergy on foods. She was given an anti fungal cream with steroids and asked to put a moisturizer as much as possible but after 2 days of application it seems like it's not getting any better and becoming to get worst coz it has watery oozing on her face that's why i decided to still use the antifungal plus propolis balm instead of moisturizer and after 2 days of application her cheek is almost clear... i just need to extend the application after clearing 1 week more to prevent the fungal infection from coming back and hopefully it will never come again....
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    Hi Christie,

    Thanks for your sharing; I do believe in moisturizers and steroid cream. Marcie's doctor at NUH prescribed her a 0.05% and a 0.1% steroid, you can see the 2 posts I have below on moisturizers and steroid use. As eczema is an immunology disorder with the skin being over-active to substances that are not harmful, I dont't believe there is a cure to it or any quick fixes. My baby Marcie is also not allergic to any food (after doing a skin prick test), her condition is diagnosed as intrinsic and chronic.

    Moisturizing, I believe, is key to protecting the skin barrier. I also use chlorhexidine (antiseptic solution) to clean any wound prior to applying steroid. If you're in Singapore and like to catch up, do drop me a comment at any of my post and I'll get back to you.
    Are you suffering from Steroid-Phobia? | Eczema Blues
    Help! What moisturiser to use on your eczema baby? | Eczema Blues

    Take care,
    Marcie Mom
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    Eczema patches turning fungal is like a double blow, taking 2-3 weeks to heal.
    Worse, my boy may touch his genitals and once, the fungal spread there and gave me a real headache.

    Regarding fungal, I realize my boy can't take mushrooms or the healed patches start itching again.
    Regularly eating homemade yoghurt helps too as they contain huge amounts of good bacteria.
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    My son has eczema when he was 2 weeks as well and only got much better at around 1 yr of age.

    His eczema is also food-triggered. When I had peanuts in my diet and he drank my breastmilk, he would break out. Once he scratched himself so bad that his whole scalp was bleeding.

    When we started introducing solids, we were very careful. He was allergic to most protein foods but he outgrown those allergies at abt age 1.

    We used Physiogel lotion on him as dryness of his skin didn't help keep the eczema at bay.

    For now, he's still allergic to corn.
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    welcome !!

    enjoy your stay =)
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