Parents set aside 600K for bro's education, only <40K for mine.........

I come from a minority ethnic group that culturally places low emphasis on education.

Imbibed with such a mindset, I naturally fared poorly in school up until secondary 4. I barely passed and ended up at RP - reputedly Singapore's worst polytechnic .

Then my girlfriend dumped me. Instead of dwelling in self pity, I channeled my anger towards studying hard, eventually getting accepted into NTU.

Now I have an elder brother who also went through a similar route.

Problem is - he's hardly motivated academically, yet aspires to be a doctor (I honestly doubt he knows what it takes to make that happen). He graduated with a dismal GPA of 2.5 (for you JC students, that’s a C+ average)

Meanwhile my parents unequivocally supported him, even setting aside 600,000 SGD for his medical education at a lesser known (nevertheless being recognised by the Singapore Medical Council) overseas institution.

Herein lies my problem.

When I suggested seeking hostel accommodation to cut down on daily commuting time (fyi we live in the eastern part of Singapore, hence it takes 3 f**king hours just to travel back and fourth between home and school), They WERE STRONGLY AGAINST THE IDEA, OPINING I WAS SPENDING MONEY UNNECESSARILY!

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