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HI ladies...

My mum recently took up some cleaning jobs & the families who trialed her were very satisfied. Currently she has 4 families each on Mon/Tue/Sat/Sun. If you are looking for a PT cleaner in Yishun/Sembawang/Woodlands, do email me. Her charges are normal minimum 4 hrs at $50.


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Dear All,

I believe most of you are mistaken.
I am looking, and not providing domestic help.
Recently I got messages sourcing for nanny/maid from me.

Please note.
Hi, still looking for one? I know of a person who does work as a part time maid. She is not only fast but very clean in her work.
Hi.. PM me too pls.. But i'm staying nearby to Little India area, is it okay to her? I need one top urgent....My house really in a mess now. Thanks.


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Hi, if your need any part-time maid, esp staying in Yishun, email me at She works fast, cleans well and knows how to protect your stuff and reliable. She was my part time helper but I am not continuing with her as I am moving to another area and she don't go to other areas. She has 7-8 years experience in domestic work.
I strongly recommend her!
Hi PrincessAriel,
May I know what is your PT helper charges and any min hr? I am staying at Admiralty and is looking for a PT cleaner on weekly basis.


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on her first visit, you have to tell her what help do you need from her then navigate her around e house. Everytime she comes, she helps me fold our clothes (hubby,mine & baby), vacuum, mop, clean toilet (alternate toilets for alternate week), change bedsheet, wipe furnitures & fittings, wash kitchen sinks & iron my hubby uniform.

for window cleaning/fan/curtain washing (use washing machine) she will do it when she sees it is dusty or sometimes i will personally tell her today need to help me clean (dat particular area/item)
hi yingzy
do you think the korean auntie can still squeeze a slot for me? i need a good part time helper badly as my mum is not well. or if you have any more recommendation...



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I'm looking for a part time cleaner with baby experience
prefer singaporian aunty to do cleaning and some household chore upon request
3 hour a day, mon to fri
budget $10/hour
any to refer?


I reside in the west, im looking for a part time domestic helper for 3hrs per week just to clean the living room, ceiling fans in the living room, kitchen and 2 x toilets. nothing else. willing to pay 10 / hr. anyone happen to have lobang? dun mind dogs


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I am looking for a cleaning lady during weekdays: once a week, 3 hours, no ironing but load and unload laundry and folding clothes.
Offering $12 per hour, location is at Buona Vista.


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if anyone wanna find part time cleaner, can msg me in this forum. I do not charge/getting any fees. But this cleaner I had was a very nice lady. I had to let her go as I got a full time maid.


hi ladies,

Don't PM me for the korean lady contact as she has gone back to korea for good~~~ BOO HOO!!! i am devastated too! bcos she is really good~~~

now i'm sourcing for one again...
All house owners are to pay CPF to their part-time 'maids'/cleaners earning > $50 a month if the cleaner is directly under the house owner. If the cleaner is under a cleaning agency, the agency has to make sure CPF contributions are made. And the maximum fine for using illegal moonlighting maids from Myanmar, Phillipinines, Indonesia or China (pei du mama) is S$80,000 for the offending cleaning 'agency' and up to S$15,000 for the house owner. MOM is intensifying their efforts from Nov 2012 onwards on offending parties deploying such illegal 'maids'. You have been forewarned. Do you wish to be fined up to S$15,000, appear on the front pages of newspapers etc just for paying $10/hr or rather pay more at up to $20/hr, obey the Singapore law and have a good night sleep? It's a literal hell for anyone to be summoned to MOM office for interrogation by MOM investigation officers.