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Are two heads better than one? Determining the relationship between spousal synchrony, relationship quality and resilience
How do the brains of spouses react when they experience something stressful together?
Is the quality of your marriage influenced by how similar brain patterns are between you and your spouse?
How is your own resilience related to your brain activity?

Help us answer these questions!
We are looking for:

  • Parents who have at least one young child (below 3 years) AND
    stay together
There will be monetary reimbursement for taking part in the research.

In this study, you and your spouse will be listening to a series of audio clips together while data will be collected using non-invasive NIRS and ECG devices. You and your spouse will also be asked to complete a set of questionnaires individually at home.

Please message +65 9651 5298 or to arrange for an experiment session or for any queries regarding the study.