Persistent coughing in 3years old gal

Been visiting kkh for the past few months since feb this year; gal is having persistent cough. Kkh unable to identify theory she kept coughing(no sign of asthma etc). Last Friday sent her to kkh again coz fever was at 40deg,as well as coughing. Kkh mentioned they don't admit toddlers coz fever only 40deg nia small case.anyone encounter this?her fever on and off,at least for now no fever.should I send her to Thomson to check again.thanks...


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Persistant coughing with 40degree high fever yet they are unable to identify what's wrong?? Has her fever subside? I think better bring her to a PD. My son recently keep having persistent cough too. during feb, his cough and flu somehow lead to high fever of 39.7 and we brought him to Mt A 24hr clinic and his PD admitted him. Blood test shows that he was down with two viruses that causes the persistent cough and fever. 3 weeks ago also started coughing, on and off.. Didnt recover until PD prescribed antibiotics and his throat was infected.. Have to find out what causes them to have fever. Viral infection? throat infection? or kanna viruses like what my son encountered previously. Always seek for 2nd opinion if the current dr u see cannot diagnose anything =)
hi apollo, sorry for the extreme late reply; my gal was admitted to Thomson for 8 days as there's too much phlegm in her lung! ok here's my story (may be quite lengthy)...anyway thanks for your advise:)

since CNY, she has been coughing, on & off. been to KKH @ least 3x due to her cough:-
1x) understood that 1st time doc may not jump to serious diagnostic so just normal cough syrup etc prescribed.
2x) x-ray taken coz wheezing noise heard; afraid it's asthma. final conclusion: mild lung infection & was prescribed with @ least 6 bottles of ketoprofen (lung tonic) & some cough syrup.
3x) again mild infection & was asked to continue ketoprofen etc...

4x to KKH & i knew something seemed to be wrong...
on 8th june 7pm+ onwards, fever came on & off, ranging from 38deg to 39deg; brufen was given to her & the fever managed to go down, but still feverish. sent her to KKH again on 9th june 4am+ where her fever rose to 40deg. upon arriving KKH, her temp dropped to 38deg=.=i told doc just an hour ago her temp was 40deg & knew what she said? oh 40deg it's ok in kids; will only admit her to hospital if the temp went up to 42deg. wth, must as well she tell me wait till the themometer cannot detach temp then send in. ok fine, i endure. so i requested to take an x-ray for her cough since it's like so long. again she mentioned no need coz she just took 3weeks ago & it's not good for kids to keep taking x-ray. i knew but since i, as the mum, has already requested, y cant they just. the doc still got the cheek to tell me judging from the way she coughed, the condition seemed serious & there's lots of phlegm.

on 9th-11th june: stayed home & observed her temp etc; up & down. decided to send her to Thomson Pediatrician on 11th june since her fever has not subside. upon entering the doc's room, she coughed & immed. doc asked to admit. thought it's like 2-day stay, so told my mum i wanted a single bed; doc mentioned it would be at least a 5-day stay! done blood test (normal) & x-ray (lots of phlegm in lung & it's like 3-weeks accumulation). doc even asked y i didnt send her to seek medical help immed. i told her n the nurses the story & they were like=.=throughout her stay, chest physio was done, as well as nebruliser, & now, she's well. my mum wanted her to rest @ home for 2 weeks before going back to the childcare; immune low so better to stay home.

reason y i went to KKH was that everytime the cough/ sickness got worse, it happened like after 10pm & i thought that KKH is specialised...really disppointed with KKH; it's suffering when we adult get sick, let alone a toddler!


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baby_sadako, how is your girl alrdy?? I hope she is better now. =)

I totally feel you and understand the heartache and how tedious you were. Her condition sounds very similar with my son's. The only difference was, my son's PD got him admitted when his fever didnt subside in a week. His fever was actually up and down. Like now sudsided to 37.8 but within an hour, sometimes only 30min later, will shoot up to 39+. When we were waiting for the PD to reach at the 24hr clinic, his fever dropped to 37.6 (which is not consider fever alrdy) and we thought we were over paranoid until PD told us he has to get admitted. We were glad that we heeled his advice..
hi apollo, she's a lot better; still got slight phlegm but no worries. @ least now she doesnt have to wake up in the middle of the night to cough etc...thanks:)

didnt realise the seriousness till me & mum sent her to Thomson...i nv go back to KKH le...


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Hi there, I decided to pop in to find my answer. Bab_sadako87, I am exactly in the same situation as you. My 3YR OLD had her fever 2 weeks ago, 38-39-40. went KK twice. I got salbutamo because her blood test showed viral infection. She developed bronchitis after 5 days. I also got antibiotics but seriously, those MO (medical officers) are so damned young they hardly know kids. I'm sorry if I sound offensive but it is how I feel when they see my child. So much medicines like based on what textbook say.

Her cough got worse and she woke up to cough and I can hear - lots of phelgm. I brought her to GP just now and that GP has asthma when he was young. He told me might be asthma because it does not need wheezing to be asthmatic.

She has no fever now but she hardly eat. I am wondering shall I follow you and go to Thomson. Is thomson better? Isn't KK the CHILDREN hospital ...?

Sigh seeing her suffer....
Hi isabelandrew,at least KK did a blood test on your gal;the last doc whom attended to my gal didn't even bother. Am planning to lodge a complaint on their medical negligence. We shared the same thoughts; those medical doctors are too young to know about kids etc. honestly, I regretted not bringing her to thomson; the dragging made the cough worsen:( resulted in a 8-day stay;the $ spent is small coz can earn back. But what of anything went wrong? Who pays me back a baby? Blame myself for trusting KK too much.

ya, my gal used to wake up in the mmiddle of the night to cough, to the eextend of vomitting. According to KK, wheezing= may be asthma; take x-ray. No wheezing= cconfirmed not asthma; don't need x-ray.

Eh my gal is rather active;despite fever etc,she still plays normally. She's tough, am quite worried coz she nv let us know she's suffering; kept it to herself until she cried softly in the middle of the night. I think any other hospital will do, just no to KK. Supposeingly they are children clinic, thats y I kept bringing my gal there.
Btw isabelandrew,I have emailed you; your pm doesn't seem to be working. Anyway feel free to contact me; left my number in case u need any info;)


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Hi there, tnx for your support:)
I went to GP on Friday night. GP said to continue to take salbutamol but I am really reluctant. it has its side effects.
I did not receive anything on my PM leh. you email me at


hi hi, though it may not be directly related to you child's condition. But i was advice that we should try avoiding too much yakult for young kids. they wll have phlegm easily. Once in a while is no problem.