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    I am in need of money, and need to take a personal loan urgently. They say there are some moneylenders in Singapore which offer personal loan in Singapore
    that has flexible and easy repayments.

    Have any1 tried that before?
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    Try the personal loan in Singapore leh. They are registered money lender in Singapore.
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    I have applied to Maybank for a personal loan. They offer a Personal Line of Credit (CreditAble) which gives you twice your monthly income at the lowest interest rates in Singapore.
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    There are really many moneylenders that specialize in providing various loan packages like personal loan, business loan rates of interest, and payday loan.
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    Licensed moneylenders are business people who are registered with the government, specifically the Registrar of Moneylenders to extend credit facilities in much the same way that banks do. According to the license they have, there are conditions about the amounts for which they can give as interest and penalties charged as well as general conduct when serving clients.

    As such, they are a perfectly valid source of credit for you, with the added benefits of flexibility, convenience and speed, none of which you can get with a bank. This is what you need to know: lenders are first and foremost business people. They want as many clients as possible because that’s how profits are made.

    Check us out here: Personal Loan in Singapore
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    But their interest are very high...
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    Hi Ladies,

    Given the latest implementation from the registrar of moneylenders, which is a week ago, directions rolled out has lead to many lenders feeling the heat. Personally i think these are very good parameters setup against fraudulent lenders charging excessive interest rates. It is now well controlled and the loopholes from previous implementation on Oct 2015 has been filled.

    Although they have cleared up a good deal, the other part of issue i felt is the service and overall professionalism of majority of lenders that still badly needs to improve.
    Hope this helps in someway.

    I'm glad to have the pleasure to share with you an article
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    contact me @91952715 whatapps/text Ace for loan

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