PGD/PGS in singapore during IVF


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Hello all,

My dear husband's semen analysis reported oligoasthenoteratozoospermia with very low sperm count. Chromosome analysis was done and was diagnosed with Y chromosome deletion (complete deletion of AZFc) which is the reason for bad sperm quality. IVF with ICSI is the only option but if we end with a boy, Y chromosome deletion will be inherited which means all sons will have same problem and we dont want to pass on this problem to our next generation. PGS/PGD test can be done to diagnose any genetic diseases in the embryo or check for chromsome imbalance (these tests will also have have gender information of the embryo). I understand PGS/PGD is allowed in Singapore only if there are genetic issues. I have 2 questions..

1. Is Y Chromosome deletion considered as genetic issue and will Singapore Health Board (Medical ethics board) allow PGD/PGS done during IVF?
2. Since this genetic issue is gender specific, will they allow disclosing of gender of the embryo and allow implanting only girl embryo?

Thanks in advance!