pinched nerve in my left foot. help!

Discussion in 'Mummy Cafe' started by mm123, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. mm123

    mm123 New Member

    I have a pinched nerve 3months back and I went to have it xray and the doctor says it seems alright and then I went to chinese traditional doctor they did acupunture and I feel the pain is gone for awhile and the pain is back again for another 2-3days and it totally recovered.

    Now, the pinched nerve pain in my left feet is back again and I am so afraid that I might not able to walk again. This time the pain is worst when I walked. Is like electric shock to my nerve. Can anybody tell me what is it or can you please advise me if you have ever came across such problem? Will it become a permanent problem?

    I do not have any back pain when my foot starts the pain.
  2. ViiCk

    ViiCk New Member

    Is it under ur left feet? The pain is like stepping onto many needles?
  3. mm123

    mm123 New Member

    Yes yess its like needles stabbing my feet. Why is it so and what should I do? And who should I turn to for consultation?
  4. Flatfeet

    Flatfeet New Member

    Have you ever tried custom made insoles? It might help. Check out Orthotics Lab Singapore.

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