Places In Singapore to buy maternity clothes


Hi Mummies..there are many maternity shops in suntec city...

Another one is EGG maternity in vivo city. #01-58


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Hmm, i dunno where.. Cus i buy dresses from Forever21 to wear.. Even in my 9th month now....


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thyme maternity, mothercare...kiddy palace.....most shopping malls sell maternity clothes..


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Mums&Babes! They have 3 in 1 pack.. @ Vivo outlet! :)

I just got my pajamas gown for my hospital stay from La Senza! $15 only, after 50% discount. Hehe..


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No pro! You can get it now as you gonna prepare your hospital bag alr. Wear it after your labour during your hospital stay. After labour, still can wear cus no belly le ma.. Hehe.. That's my thinking la :D


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I bought from Perfect Mum at suntec, choose those styles that can still wear after giving birth. However, the sales person there can be rather pushy, so need to have will power to say no.


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I don't really buy maternity wear. Just get some babydoll tops and hipster pants will do. Can wear it post delivery too!


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I bought a lot from Perfect Mums, they have a lot of branches throughout S'pore. Their range can be worn even after birth (which I am wearing now), and they also carry nursing wear that can wear during pregnancy too.


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I like spring maternity (suntec city and plaza sing) coz they caryy lots of very nice maternity wear and affordable too. I still have friends that buy from them though we are not pregnant anymore - clothes are really comfy.

Also, try places like dorothy perkins, gap and zara. empire/princess cut are recently very popular and could still use them even after pregnancy.
especially so if it is your 1st pregnancy (small investment ) and could use it for 2nd or 3rd and look good coz having a big belly (losing the waistline) is awkward enough.


There's a few maternity wear boutiques at Marina Square. Cant remember the names but I remember it's quite trendy and somemore around $30-$40 for a top.


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Hello mummys,

I have a boutique operating from my house selling normal clothes but suitable for maternity all the way to 9 months. A lot are empire line or babydoll dresses, which I bought from factory outlets. Brands like Dorothy Perkins, Ann Taylor, H&M and other european labels. Tops $20-$40, and dresses $40-$70 for work clothes to nice satin dresses for ocassions like a friend's wedding etc.

I myself hardly bought maternity wear during my pregnancy. Wore normal clothes in larger sizes.

See my website Runway Runaways for more details. If you have any questions, you can always PM me.