Places In Singapore to buy maternity clothes

I bot some fm Neu Neu @ City Plaza, some fm Perfect Mum n some fm yahoo auction.

Agree dat the sales @ Perfect Mum is v pushy. Dat wz my 1st n last visit

Xiao Ling

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Checkout this website

They offer trendy range and good-quality of maternity clothes, especially on maternity pants and jeans. Most importantly, their maternity clothes are inexpensive !!! (E.g. a pair of maternity office black pants @ $29.00 only). They also have a showroom for fitting and trying out of their sizes before you buy.

For this July, i know they are offering one Free Pre-Natal Yoga trial class with any purchase from them. Buy 3 or more items and get a free pair of Maternity Yoga-Exercise Pants FREE. :p

Angela bobo

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I ordered some maternity pants & dresses from '' . price is affordable, but some items already out of stock =(


vivo city topshop gt sell very fashionable maternity wear..can go there for a look though the range is not as much as the non-maternity ones...:)

i got a jeans and a t-shirt from there...
Hi mothers and mothers-to-be, I'm a student doing some research on the local maternity wear market, and I hope that you'll take some time out to do a really short survey for me regarding the maternity clothes stores in Singapore. Your help is much appreciated! Thank you!

Local Maternity Wear Market
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You can try Topshop or Warehouse. British sizes can be big, suitable for preggie, and stylish too. Can wear them postpartum too cos they are normal clothes.


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i bought mine from this shop in far east plaza. its not a maternity shop but the clothes are all very loose fitting n suitable for after wear even after pregnancy n cheap too! its called INC at 4th level.

Mrs Han

Hi all,

I recently bought a few working pants and nursing tops from Marton Bell @vivocity (opp Burger King). There's some sale going on now and I find the pants quite fitting and nice! The sales ladies are very friendly and helpful too! =)