Playing video games


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I prefer to play games to relax. But unfortunately, not every game can be relaxing. So I like to play russian solitaire online. For example, during the game, you can learn deferred compensation or "return on investment." Sometimes it is better to stand your ground and wait instead of acting at the moment to have more opportunities and resources later. In the game, as in life, it can be helpful to control the urges to serve immediately and instead pause to analyze the situation, understand what changes can happen, and predict whether better results are possible than the one that one has received at the moment. Solitaire taught me that sometimes it is essential to step back to move forward.


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I prefer the old War Craft online games where you have to control men and dragons. But this is a modified game and you can choose your own locations. I got hooked on games with and I remembered a little bit of strategy in Doom. This is also a very old game where you have to shoot all sorts of demons. And of course Sims 4, but it's not necessary to play online. Solitaire, poker and card games no longer like, although you could play squirrels with friends. No, I'm not old, it's just that all these online paid games are worse than good old Mario and the like. I want to go back to the time when Dandy was still around.


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It's definitely Grand Theft Auto, all of them. I've enjoyed all of them in my early childhood, starting from Vice City, GTA III, San Andreas to GTA IV and V. I've always had a separate love for first-person shooters and other action games like Total Overdose or Assassin's Creed. More recently, I started playing Rust. I can't tell that I heard lots of great reviews about it, but having an imposing gaming career in my backpack, I'd say it's not bad. It also has an online shop with various attractive items (skins, guns).


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I'm also addicted to video games. I can play them all day or night and not even stop for lunch or the toilet. It's unbelievable how much I've played in FIFA lately, but I've broken many records there. I love this game; I especially like to play it with my friends. This is exciting and interesting if you have a key that would allow you to enjoy this game in full. All you need to do is buy a key on This service is much cheaper and more accessible than the official site.