Please give me some comments on these Gynaes.

Discussion in 'Singapore Obstetricians and Gynaecologists' started by naddyrah, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. naddyrah

    naddyrah New Member

    Pham Wai Lam
    Wee HongYan
    Anthony Siao
    Han How Chuan
    John Tee
    Got these names, from KKH Lactation Consultant.
    So, anyone...any good or bad experience with these doctors.
    I need some help, before i make my decision.
    & actually, i need to know quite (as soon as possible...)
    cos u see, based on what the lactation consultant said, i need a go ahead from the doctor ASAP if i can continue to breastfeed my 7mth old daughter as im preggy again...& im feel tearing and pullinf sensation on my C-Sect scar....
    So, thats y, i need to consult a doctor 1st, due to my 2 preggy, there's some complications during labour....u may check it on my other thread....
    anywaes, thank u soo much for taking ur time in giving me some comments regarding these doctors.
  2. jopeck

    jopeck BMSG Moderator

    John Tee.. heard many good things about him but he's super bizi so if you don't have questions for him, the appt is usually very chop chop.

    which LC did you check with? just curious.

    as for the tearing/pulling sensation from ur c-section scar, I'd imagine its quite normal as you're making it expand as the baby grows. Scar tissue isn't as flexible as regular skin so you'll definitely feel the stretch. Trying lotioning it more often.

    with regards to bfg while preggy. Frankly speaking, as long as you're allowed to make love, you can breastfeed. That's the general rule of thumb. So you don't really need to see a gynae with that issue. And to be honest, most uninformed gynaes would ask you to wean (because of kiasu/kiasi reasons). again, I've bfd through two pregnancies and babies and me were fine.

    The first gynae I told encouraged me to stop. I didn't. The 2nd gynae just smiled and said "that's good".

  3. BbpHir3

    BbpHir3 Active Member

    John Tee too.. lyk wat Cancanmum n I haf said bout him at the other post .. (now i think he's obsessed with ppl's mum~~ lol!! Surprisingly he nv mistaken my MIL as my mum.. hahaha!!)
    he's happy to ans all your questions.. If after u got out of his room, but suddenly rmb u need to ask him something, you can always turn aro n go back ask him de..
    the only silly prob he have is he is those long term memory kind.. he very fast forget things de.. esp if u go back 2 patients after.. lol~~~
  4. mrswendykhoo

    mrswendykhoo Member

    is the 1st name is Tham Wai Lam?
  5. chloegal

    chloegal Member

    My gynae is A/pro Han How Chuan. He is very responsible and caring gyne. I was consider a high risk patient due to incompetence cervix. When i was pregnant with my no.2, i was still breastfeeding and he ask me when i wanted to stop as i am not suitable to breastfeed due to my condition. My cervix is weak and might dilate anytime and a cerclage is needed to be done at my 12wks gestation to prolong my pregnancy. He took very care of me and will reply me quite promtly by email when i have problem with my pregnancy. He will also call me back after his clinic ended when i page him for any emergency.
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  6. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    JOhn Tee Chee Seng is patient, experienced, gentle, assuring and SUPER DUPER FATHERLY~~~

    He will not rush u in any appointment, and even if u ask silly questions he will still answer u

    Only bad thing is waiting hours are long and if he has last minute urgent deliveries u will need to wait for him coz he will be called for those complicated cases where he needs to help out coz of his position.
  7. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    waakkakakakak~~~yeah yeah

    but i muz say he is quite a nice guy laaaa
  8. chewnlow

    chewnlow Member

    yes, i think it should be Tham Wai Lum, Benjamin. look out for his thread in the forum, quite a popular figure, with good feedback.

    i'm seeing him btw :) ... and am satisfied so far :)
  9. mrswendykhoo

    mrswendykhoo Member

    im seeing him too. :001_302: he ever ready to answer questions.
  10. Yvonne Aurias

    Yvonne Aurias Member

    A/Pro Han How Chuan too..
    I delivered my baby in this year April. During the delivery process his is very very cool n calm.Somemore i'm really glad that i''ve found such a positive and encouraging doctor.:Dancing_wub:
  11. esthergal

    esthergal Member

    My gynae is Dr. Benjamin Tham. Both my husband and I like him :)
  12. Triquetra

    Triquetra Active Member

    What does lactation gynae do?:D
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  13. MsKoh1973

    MsKoh1973 Member

    John Tee is very good, you can consider him.
  14. crystalpheonix

    crystalpheonix New Member


    may i ask what is wrong with Dr Janice Chin from the 1st post? She is doing an op for me next week to remove an ovarian cyst =/
  15. MeganLim

    MeganLim Member

    I am with Benjamine tham. Gd Gd
  16. orange991

    orange991 Alpha Male

    Hi, does anyone has Dr Khoo Chong Kiat (KKH) as gynae before? How is his services and skills at delivery?

    Appreciate any comments.

    Thank you very much.
  17. nadiahm

    nadiahm New Member

    hi crystalpheonix,

    I have the same sentiment as nadyrahh about janice.
    she don't smile, is unfriendly and cold..which are not qualities you look for in a gynae. I never felt comfortable with her but since she's with you for a different reason, I guess it does not matter how she is.

    I am thinking of changing my gynae now... :(
  18. dujuanrosa

    dujuanrosa Member

    my doc was Dr Jasmine Mohd for both. Would strongly recommend her cos she was understanding of the concerns we had esp with the second pregnancy when baby wasn't growing very well in 3rd tri. she arranged to see us every other day and then subsequently every day (cos i didn't want to be warded) and even stayed late at the evening clinics just to wait for my CTG reports. we called her just before we left for the hospital and she was there within minutes of me in the triage at delivery suite.

    re breastfeeding during pregnancy, she was supportive of it but was monitoring my weight gain (or rather, lack of it) closely and also baby's growth. she never once suggested i should give it up since baby was growing well in the first 2 trimesters

    just wondering how that lactation consultant decided on that list of docs.. hmmm...
  19. pipilili

    pipilili Member

    Hi CrystalPheonix,
    I had a bad experience when Dr Janice Chin attended to me. I was about 4-5 weeks pregnant and spotting. I went down to KKH emergency and she just said it's normal at that stage. What's worst is she said there is no need for MC and I can still work. I insisted MC, and true enough the next week, I totally collapsed and had to see an appointed gynae at TPS and given hormone pills and jab to stabalised my condition!
    I did complain about her to my then appointed gynae but my gynae said she is a nice person?!?!?! (Maybe she is only nice to her senior docs) I cannot comment but my experince with her is totally off.
  20. pipilili

    pipilili Member

    Hi mummies who are with KKH,
    Can you recommend me a doctor who is good at c-sect?
    Good with stitches, clear out as much locha so that I won't be bleeding as much after..., really takes good care of patients.

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