Please recommend a good piano teacher


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Hi All,

I have 2 kids, boy around 7 and girl around 4 years old.
Looking for a good piano teacher. Any recommendation?
I'm staying at the east side of singapore.

Also is it too early to start my girl at the age of 4? I have read a lot some stating it is good but some stating it is not. Hope someone can advise me.
I hope to cultivate music interest in them especially on Piano.


my son piano teacher advise me to let my younger one join the group music class first when he is 4 yrs old to cultivate his music interest as she said one to one will be quite boring for such a young age. Now my son is in Yamaha group lesson, they learn keyboards, notes and singing in class.


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Hi shin,

It's never too early to start your child on music. In fact, the earlier the better as children are more receptive. Personally my mom started me at 2 for music appreciation classes haha, and I took Grade 1 at 5. I do know of many who started around there too, so I don't think 4 is too early. Early training helps build sense of rhythm, harmony, singing in tune, and basic piano technique.

Have you managed to find a teacher?