Post Natal Massage: Anyone tried Mdm Noura Sam?

Discussion in 'Confinement Period' started by wabbit, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. wabbit

    wabbit New Member

    Hello ladies,

    I am contemplating on which massage lady to go for.. I've seen some postings on Mdm Noura Sam. Has anyone tried her services?

  2. Kelly Moo

    Kelly Moo New Member


    I'm Kelly Moo from Hong Kong. was recommended to Pre & Post Natal massage by my Insurance Agent. I was surprised that the massage is known to all here as there isn't such massage in Hong Kong.

    I engaged Noura Sam for both pre natal & post natal massage. She is very experienced in both massages for more that 19 years. I felt so good after each session as it really help me to rejuvenate especially am doing full breastfeeeding.

    Agreed with my Insurance agent as she too engaged Noura for 2 weeks. Am glad that Noura help me to get my waistline back in a short period of 2 weeks. The massage also help my swollen feet due to water retention, tight shoulder blade and having good sleep.

    She is well experienced, friendly and cheerful massage lady who is willing to share and help you. She had a special massage skilled that is so amazing that you shall pass out "wind" thru your birth canal. I was amazed when it happened and OMG its really works!

    Should introduce Noura Sam to mothers out there who wants to see great RESULTS in trimming down your tummy tho its is not a slimming massage said noura. Her contact number 94345343. There are few package available but i took 2 weeks as its practical that you able to see much better result. Btw she requires advance booking, call or book her in advance.

    Cheers Ladies & get yourself pampered!
  3. Nana Jacobs

    Nana Jacobs New Member

    Hi MTB!

    I've engaged Noura Sam for 1 mth after 2 weeks delivery. As i had C-Section, so i started much later as per Noura advised. I find that she is reliable, well experienced and honest. Her massage skill is Excellent! I feel much better after each session as having C-Section is different from Normal Delivery, you feel so weak n big tummy. I had good sleep, the massage makes me more energetics.

    Btw ladies, i saw a few negatives threads abt Noura Sam. I suggest if you have any doubts please call her personally and ask. As i got her from this forum too. Its not easy to please everyone as I also worked in Service industry. As there is a saying "one man meat is another man poison". So don't just judge a person until you know them well! As 1 engaged her for 1 month, she really shared her experienced attending to some 'unreasonable' clients but then she doesn't have a chance to explain to others. I think its unfair to Noura and also to other massage ladies. Best is to call and clarify things.

    Trust me, Noura Sam is really well experienced, reliable and helpful. Contact her at 94345343 for advance booking.

    Thanks Noura, your massage is really great!
  4. sugarrush

    sugarrush New Member

    Hello Mummies!

    I had C-section and two weeks after my delivery, I had my post natal massage with Mdm Noura Sam. I was convinced that the massage is safe and true enough it doesn't hurt my wound at all. Mdm Noura really knows her job well and her massage skills allowed me to see results within few sessions though my tummy was very big. I felt much better after every session and able to nurse my baby well. She is very friendly, caring & reliable.

    I understand Mdm Noura does both pre and post natal massages and for both normal and C-section delivery. She has many years of experience and is able to advice when you're in need of help with regards to pre and post natal. Mdm Noura also arrange for package rates for pre & post natal massages.
    For more information, you can call Mdm Noura Sam @ 9434 5343.

    Will look up for her again for my next delivery and would surely recommend her services to family and friends.

    Enjoy Your Motherhood....... :)
  5. MicSingular

    MicSingular New Member

    Anyone tried Mdm Noura Sam / Mdm Ida / Mdm Mas recently? Any reviews??

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