Post-natal massage please..


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I highly recommeded mother of 6 age 44 ...........but her age looks 34. Certified Ustazah and certified specialized in Pre & Post Javanese Massage. Her number Madam Rosemawati 90628242.


Hi Sweetbaby,

You can try jamu massage Singapore! Got my therapist from them.

Just complete my post-natal and over all experience is pretty good.

The therapist is always on time.
Hi mummyimee, could you share the the name of your therapist? Is it always the same therapist throughout the package? Thanks


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Hi mummies!!!

i highly recommend a lady named Mdm Rosemawati that does Javanese pre and post-natal. I find her massage really good, and i didnt had any problem with her. She is really nice, hardworking and friendly. I couldn't believe she has 6 children because she looks young like in mid 30s. You can contact her at 90628242 but it is better for you to sms her as she is busy with her appointments. you will never regret:001_302:. Thanks Java for telling me about Mdm Rosemawati!


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Hi mummies out there . I am not promoting this masseurs by the name Madam Rosemawati. Frankly speaking she works hard to make every new mom please and she always make and effort to make sure you smile and the end of the massage. She have her own website right now and looking forward to work harder and her desire is to make every Mom smile. you can look at her website 9 Months Javanese Post Natal Massage | Singapore | Post Natal Massage . She offer 1 day trial post natal massage at $55 as this will give time for new mom who doubt about the service she provide before committed to any package. Hope this will help all new mom.
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