potty train


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I read from Parenthood previously, that best time to potty time is when 24-27mths. Less effort & save time! But, it's all depends to your kid(s) whether are they ready not. Do observe their body language that able to tell you. Too much pressure or wrong method use might make delay the potty train.

TRUE!! alot of my frens' kids are still wearing diapers even @ 3. the best time to teach is when they recognize their own body parts and know wat they're doing!!


Mami jazz - same too.. my boi will hide one corner and poo too... that mean once he at the corner.. quietly...

Can buy those potty train sit for boi? urine when sit?
i wanted my son to be potty trained when he is 2....
but he doesnt wan to.
he will always urine on the bed when i dont let him wear his diapers!!!

so aft a few times, i let him wear bk his diapers.

few months ltr, he suddenly told me he doesnt wana wear his diapers anymore.
surprise surprise!
& he really does go to the toilet on his own......

i think its better not to force ur kids to be potty trained.
just ask them whether they wana start to urine on their own first. slowly teach..
when they're ready, they will let u knw. (i guess)