Pre & Post Natal Massage


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Hello Mummies!

I had C-section and two weeks after my delivery, I had my post natal massage with Mdm Noura Sam. I was convinced that the massage is safe and true enough it doesn't hurt my wound at all. Mdm Noura really knows her job well and her massage skills allowed me to see results within few sessions though my tummy was very big. I felt much better after every session and able to nurse my baby well. She is very friendly, caring & reliable.

I understand Mdm Noura does both pre and post natal massages and for both normal and C-section delivery. She has many years of experience and is able to advice when you're in need of help with regards to pre and post natal. Mdm Noura also arrange for package rates for pre & post natal massages.
For more information, you can call Mdm Noura Sam @ 9434 5343.

Will look up for her again for my next delivery and would surely recommend her services to family and friends.

Enjoy Your Motherhood....... :)

Raine Lucas

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My name is Raine Lucas. I had a adorable baby boy 3 weeks ago thru normal delivery at 38 weeks. Had epidural during my delivery and it caused me to have very bad back ached that I had difficulty nursing my boy.

I was lucky that I engaged Noura Sam for my post natal massage. Before delivery, I browse this forum and saw that Noura was highly recommended. So I booked her 4 months before my delivery.

Glad that I've engaged her as I felt much better after the 1st session of the post natal massage. The massage help to relieved my back ache and felt so happy. Noura knows how to relief the pain and well experienced. I learned that the post natal massage also helps to circulate your blood, expelled wind, discharged blood clot and pushing the uterus back to its place. My tummy flatten after a few session and able to fit to my pre pregnancy clothes at the end of 2 weeks. After each session, I had a good sleep that helps to rejuvenate my body. I felt really good.

Not only her massage is skillful and well experienced, she is also helpful and share information about child raising. I'm not surprised that she had lots of clients from local to expats as she is really good. I would like to recommend her service of pre & post natal massage though I've not try her pre natal before. Noura have package for her pre & post natal massages. She also does post natal massage for C-Section. Please call Noura for information, her contact is 94345343. Worth trying!

Say, Thanks & Good Job Noura Sam!

Raine Lucas


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Keira Wisno

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:red:Hello! I had my post natal massage done by Aunty Noura Sam. She was recommended to me by my cousin who had C-Sect 6 months ago. She is very experienced in both Pre Natal & Post Natal Massages. She also does for Normal & C-Sect. I get my tummy trimmed down & able to see result after a week, I booked her for 10 days session. Aunty Noura is reliable, experienced and friendly, my cousin and I are happy to have her for our Post Natal Massage. Her massaged skill is great as we both managed to expel "wind" through our birth canal.... Amazing! Its really worth paying for her serviced. Can contact Aunty Noura Sam at her mobile 94345343.


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Hello Mummies!

When I was 26 weeks I was having a very bad lower back ache and water retention, I was recommended by a colleague who had engaged Mdm Noura Sam for both pre and post natal massage. She engaged Mdm Noura for both first and second delivery.

I took a pre natal package from Mdm Noura and on the first session, I felt my lower back ache ease and my water retention reduced. I felt better. Mdm Noura is friendly and based on her years of experiences she would advice and share her post natal knowldege with me. After delivery of my first child in early July 2013, I once again engaged her for her post natal massage. Due to epidural, I had again, lower back ache. On the first session of my first post natal massage, my lower back ache relieved and I felt more easy to nurse my baby. Indeed, Mdm Noura is reliable and her massaging skills does help me in my trauma after birth.

I would recommend her services to all my friends. Her contact number 9434 5343.

Thank you so much Mdm Noura for your great massage! :red:


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Hi Mummies!

Am Adrienna Furgose and from Amsterdam. I have been in Singapore for 8 years, 2 of my boys was born in Australia before coming to Singapore.
When I was expecting my 3rd child, a friend recommended me to Noura Sam. She was a massage lady with years of experienced.

Although I was kind of skeptical at the beginning, I thought it wouldn’t hurt. In the West we dont't hear about getting "the air" out after giving birth. I was lucky enough to book Noura with short notice, but I advice you do it with time. She was very professional and mostly I appreciate she was flexible and understanding if baby had to eat. As for the massage, I wanted to flatten my stomach, that was my goal. It did work, of course, she is not plastic surgeon or miracle worker, but as far as helping to flatten your stomach, I did see improvement. I surely recommend her style and massages after you give birth. Her contact 94345343

Cheers! Adrienna