Private investigator & divorce (separation)


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Hi ladies, I was declared Divorced last year and self represented my own divorce case from CFC to Final Judgement. I've also made good, trust worthy friends in legal and PI profession. I'm not promoting but I know how hard it is to get good legal advise without having to fork out $500 per hour and every call you made is chargable and without paying $2500 for 13hours PI con job. And worst when you get thrown out by Legal Aid and all the " supposing" free legal clinic or welfare association. I went through it all.... walked in the rain and cried my heart out. All these can really break you down especially when you are going through the toughest ride of your life that your man whom you supported and love for the past 30years or so didnt give a blink of you and your kids and that we are just like used "tissue" paper. Sorry, am not bitter, just sharing abit of what I went through. Feel free to PM you, at least you know the pit falls. It's like threading uncharted waters and everything is so vague and gloomy. I tell you, it's not ... trust me. I've been there & done that.

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CAn you please share details about your pi
I am exactly going thr all that when I see my husband cheating and denying so openly.