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Discussion in 'Home Life, Relationships & Finance' started by vandia82, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. vandia82

    vandia82 Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I am not too sure where to post this, but I have a friend who is in need of a PI to help. Anyone here knows any PI to recommend? The only thing my friend is looking at is need to be cheap, as she is now earning alot.

    Thank you very much.
  2. april1130

    april1130 New Member

    hi i do work in a pi company b4 as a pi so do u want to call my boss? u can e mail mi at and what case are ur friend wan to find out and how much is her buget? hope this will help
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  3. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    PI will not come cheap.
    what kinda case?
    if its suspected case of adultery, best she can find the time n location then it will be cheaper.
  4. vandia82

    vandia82 Member

    Hi april1130,

    Sent you an email, you saw?

    Hi Ting,

    Pie say sia, sa la.. typo, is he not she.. :p Asking on behalf of my buddy, not too sure of the actual case too...
  5. dinnie

    dinnie Member

    :001_302:yes, I agree. To hire a PI, does not mean cheap is good.

    I personally had experience it. I hired 2. The first one was cheap, but in the end didn't do the job for me. The second one, the price was a little bit expensive, but it was money worth.

    Anyway, to hire a PI, it's better to get feedback from someone who had hire the services before. I have use a good and reliable PI. So if anyone is looking out for PI, can send email to my email at
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    BETRAYED Member

    :we2Randy-git: I strongly suspect that my husband is having affair. I hint to him many times that if he really is having affair, let me know, i will forgive him. But if he still continue lying to me if he have affair and let me found out, i will divorce him. He was very confidence and promised that if i can get evidence of him having affair, he will give me everything and everything I want.

    I am really confused, I wan this marriage. but i don't like to be lied to. I thought of hiring a PI, but i am not sure whether they can help me or make things worse.

    Pls help me.
  7. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    dun mind me but IMO, i find tt your hubby might be having an affair outside, n he is like challenging u.
    what i think is, if he doesnt hv an affair why must he say things like, if u can get evidence then he will give u everything.
    its like he is telling u he is hiding it very well.
    this is the kinda shit i hate most.
    its like u are left hanging there.

    but of cos, i do not your hubby or why he passed such comments, so it is hard to judge.
    but from what i know, most guys will say things like NO OF COS IM NOT, rather then if u can find evidence then i will give u everything.
    honestly, if he is having an affair, what else can he give u? huh? glam bags? money? will tt satisfy u? no right? i believe what u want is trust n love.

    anyway, why do u strongly suspect tt he is having an affair outside?
  8. kavsha7677

    kavsha7677 New Member

    I had a private investigation company. Basically we will go through with vlient his/her problem. If it worth going ahead for the investigation, some PI company will cope you cheap but later they will pull you investigation time which only take less than a week or so.

    As now I am on confinement. You can call my office for my father, Mr Lim who own the business. He is a retiree CNB director. So he is very experiences just call and make enquiry. Let him know is refer by me, Sharen.

    Actually, hiring the PI, is to confirm what you had been suspecting all the while. If it surface, are you ready to face it. WHat wil you do? Is it true that you will divorce or you will look for the 3rd party or you will give him another chance? forgive and forget? Is easy to do but hard to face the reality.
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    BETRAYED Member

    i know many times cheap price does not means good service, BUT REALLY loking for somethings which suit my budget.

    I am a SAHM, so my budget is limited, can't afford to spend too much. I think your dad might be over qualified for my job, my husband is just a simply layman.

    Call it a wife six sense, i just know he is having affair through his behavour
  10. mtan

    mtan Member

    yes bretrayed, i agreed with u. Cheap doesn't necessary means lousy, expensive donesn't means sure to be good.

    I have also hired PI before. The boss of the company also claims to be also a ex CNB director, a malay. But when the investigation was carry out, they keep on losing my husband claiming that he was alert and when i ask the boss, he say that he don't do the job, he get his men to do it. If want him to do it personally then have to pay more. It;s like buying branded goods.

    I really want to get to the bottom of the truth and hired another one. His charges are not expensive but was very hardworking and finally able to get me the results. I am not recommend any PI here, but just want others to be careful. Don't hired just because that person claim that they are good, make sure u know they are really doing the job, and not just boasting.
  11. Giggslim

    Giggslim New Member

    Some ladies went for BaZi (八字) consultation to double confirm this kind of issues.. cos BaZi never lies.. instead of spending so much $ to hire a PI and worry not doing a gd job.

    Do email me:
    if u wanna find out more info..

    Hope I can provide another effective solution within your budget..
  12. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator


    Would you consider marriage counselling?

    From what I read, maybe you guys need to talk things out? If your hubby is not having an affair but you're suspecting that he is, could it be that the trust is no longer there? If your hubby is having an affair, could it be because there's something he's unhappy with at home?

    Do you and your hubby talk things through abt finances and stuff like that?

    I believe in all things, it's helpful to get to the root of things. Once you find the root, you will be able to solve the issues at hand.

    BETRAYED Member

    diymummy, i am sure, cos i have seen some intimate sms on his hp.

    I believed that no matter any problems with husband and wife does not justify him to have a affair, unless i cheated on him first.

    i am really angry with ppl cos whenever the husband had affair, some ppl will say the wife not caring or things to justify the husband wrong doing.

    the roots of the problem is he is sick of me after so
    many years of marriage. what can i do? i am sahm, i have to take care of the family, not like those tai tai.

    Giggslim, can we use the result of BaZi (八字), for court use? haha.....
    If PI, can't get the result, then how do i know what u say in Baizi is true? lIKE WHAT U SAY, BAZI, don't lies, but the person telling the bazi might lies, just to earn moremoney
  14. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator


    Yes, I agree that no matter what, having an affair can never be justified.

    I am not saying it is your fault. I am just saying that maybe you guys should talk things through? Well, it's just a suggestion.

    Even if you hire a PI and you do get evidence what will you do after you get it? Divorce?

    Being a sahm doesn't make you un-sexy or unworthy. I feel that sahm are very extraordinary people.

    If you're interested in marriage counselling, you can PM me for a contact.

    Take care dear.
  15. mtan

    mtan Member

    i think u failed. if bazi are so good then u would have found out that no one believed what u say
  16. dinnie

    dinnie Member

    Hi, I have personally used the services of this PI I am recommending, his pricing is reasonable and is quite capable in doing the job.d, If u are interested email me at
  17. Giggslim

    Giggslim New Member

    BaZi is derived from our birth date n time.. basically the person's chart can tell many events..

    Eg: her/his destiny, wealth potential, family background, kids, relationship with spouse.. etc etc..

    There r many many things/events we can decode from a person's chart.. many people use such info to make advanced decisions.

    Pls don't get mistaken that bazi reading is some kind of unlogic info plucked from nowhere..

    Anyway, such knowledge/infomation is still up to individual to believe..
  18. mtan

    mtan Member

    if it's true, then no need to get married. see his bazi will be able to know whether he will commit aultery in the future. ha ha ha.

    come on man, this is the 21 century liao. maybe use black magic to bring him back hor, if find out he is commit adultery..............
  19. Super-mum

    Super-mum Member

    I am at a lost. I saw some imtimate sms on my husband hp, they are in Chinese. I dare not confront him as I afraid he will deny and turn around accuse me of not trusting him and checking on his hp.

    I was thinking to hire a PI. Can any mummy help?
  20. dinnie

    dinnie Member

    hi, don't confront him the sms, u can't get anywhere.

    it will be good to do some check. i was like u previuosily. i didn't know what to do and also scare to approach pi, as i don't have any info about what they do.

    Then a mummy in another forum recoomend me one. I spoke to him and find actually they can help me to find out the truth and hence i engaged them. At the end, he was able to get me the evidence. IF u want the contact, pm me at

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