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Brand & Product Launches are challenging and require significant event planning and strategy to ensure success. We are experienced in ensuring that your product launch builds your company’s reputation and enhances your bottom line. We work in partnership with you and your Sales team to meticulously plan and research the event, designing imaginative & innovative solutions to capitalize opportunities and optimize results.Both pre- and post-event, events2: make use of all possible channels to support the impact of your Product Launch including social networking, live, internet and more traditional means. We aim to provide an encompassing Event Management solution to deliver the right message to the right audience in the right way.

Experiential events are our forte with the ability to mobilise large scale promotional teams quickly to deliver a polished and professional product experience in the field , anywhere in the world. We can also use our talent in Incentive & Reward Programme event management, to retain event participants’ interest and loyalty. For more information you can also call us at
01582 461027