professional pianist teach piano from grade1-8


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Piano Lessons available in Singapore
current piano school teacher, experienced, teach ABRSM course
from Beginners to Grade 8,

performed in Esplanade concert hall through the years

student age range from 4 and half till 60 :)
adults are welcome too

also teach pop songs ( English , mandarin , Korean songs)

can view youtube channel :
pianist helen

contact 8109 8973

教学, 演出 经验丰富

辅导 学生 英国皇家考级
ABRSM 1到8级

也教流行钢琴 (华语, 英文,日韩 歌曲)

一级 240 -----grade 1
二级 260-------grade2
三级,四级 280 -----grade 3 ,4
五级 300 -----grade 5
六级七级 330----grade 6,7
八级 400 -----grade 8
ABRSM 文凭450--- diploma



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I am a piano teacher with teaching experience of 10 years, qualified with ABRSM Grade 8 in Theory and DipABRSM in Teaching. I have taught students ranging from kids aged 4 to retiree past 60. 100% pass rate for both theory and practical exams. I travel to learners’ place at west, north and central area.

You may direct enquiries to my inbox