Racist children's book published by Marshall Cavendish Education

On Racial Harmony Day, ironically, I borrowed an astoundingly racist local book from the National Library Board, Singapore. The villain (毛毛... meaning HAIRY) is described in explicitly racialised terms, and in contrast to all the other characters who were depicted as fair-skinned.

Quote: "Mao Mao is the school bully, everyone is afraid of him. Mao Mao is dark-skinned with a head of oily curls. Mao Mao does not respect anyone, not even the teachers."

It goes on to describe how Mao Mao bullies the protagonist Pi Pi - making him do his homework, use his own money to buy Mao Mao his favourite food, etc. And after Mao Mao gives Pi Pi a bloody nose, the latter walks home cursing Mao Mao as "smelly".

More at https://www.domainofexperts.com/2020/07/saddened-by-racist-childrens-book.html