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Find high-profit products and low-cost suppliers so you can make big money selling online!

Selling things online is the easiest way for ANYBODY to build a real work-at-home business

You can make great money by buying things for a low price, and then re-selling them on websites like Qoo10 or Lazada.

The secret is finding low-cost products you can sell for profit
Successful Qoo10 and Lazada sellers make money by buying from wholesale suppliers at wholesale prices and then selling online at retail prices.

But how do you know what to sell? What will make you the most money?
Deciding what to sell is a HUGE decision... and if you get it wrong, you can end up losing money, rather than making money. Here's what you shouldn't sell....
  • DON'T SELL what you just THINK will work
    Often the things we think will do well actually aren't that great. Especially if everyone else has the same idea. You need to make your business decisions based on FACTS, not hunches.
  • DON'T SELL what everyone else is selling
    When you have to compete with other sellers, it really eats into your profits. There are much better (and easier!) profits to be made by finding low-competition products instead.
  • DON'T SELL stuff that nobody wants
    You need a good supply of hungry buyers if you want to make regular sales. If nobody wants what you're selling, at the price you're selling it... well, that's when you get stuck with a garage full of stuff you can't sell.
  • The BEST THINGS to sell are things that lots of people WANT, but not many other people are selling.

Be Your Own Boss - Start Your Own Business Now‎”
Real Work-At-Home Program
- Low startup cost business > As low as $270/carton* > S$9/bottle**
*1 carton x 30 bottles
**Usual retail price: S$14 – S$18/bottle

- Low minimum order > 1 carton
- Niche product > Not everyone is selling it
- Great margins > Lucrative return
- High repeat customer rate > Repeat business is the key to a profitable business
- You are the boss > Your own brand!

Why Our Product
[茹燕] Yuzu Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar

Product Description
It is difficult to describe what yuzu peel tastes and smells like. Words that come to mind are zesty, aromatic, subtle and refreshing. Yuzu peel does not overwhelm. It complements with subtlety, like the gentle sound of wind chimes tinkering in a lazy summer breeze.

With the unique blend of yuzu peel and bird's nest that will surely be enchanting to the taste of everyone.


Water, Rock Sugar, Bird's Nest (Indonesia), Yuzu Peel (Kochi, Japan), Permitted Stabilizer
  • No Added Artificial Colouring
  • No Artificial Flavouring
  • Preservatives Free
Country of Origin : Singapore
Manufacturer Certifications : ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, Halal Certified.
Net Weight : 150 ml
Bird's Nest Content : 40-50%
Shelf Life : 24 month

Minimum Order
1 Carton*
*1 carton x 30 bottles

1 carton @ S$270 > S$9/bottle**
**Usual Retail Price @ S$14 – 18/bottle
Free Delivery!

Contact Information
Contact Person : Charlie Lim
Business Registration No. : 53242738J
Mobile : +65 8547 6069
Email :
Wechat : swiftletswift