Rebonding during pregnancy

Discussion in 'General Pregnancy Discussion' started by Verona's, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    I am now 34 weeks , wanting to do rebonding but i not sure whether is it safe , i can't find the thread about it so i decided to start one , any idea is it fine ? :)
  2. Phoebii Cheng

    Phoebii Cheng Well-Known Member

    No it is best not to rebond ur hair during pregnancy......the strong chemicals might go through the blood stream
  3. angelwendy

    angelwendy Well-Known Member

    I think better not... cause the chemical that they put will be harmful to baby... just tahan after birth ba...:err:
  4. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    :( Okay lor , because i scare after birth got no time to go salon already , need to takecare of baby liao . At first hair still quite straight one , after a hair cut everything become unequal like this , so irritating curl here & there ~

    TANZHENZHI Active Member

    Veron mummy, better don't rebond during your pregnancy. my hair also very curly but i also tahan until i gave birth then rebond. Like what the others mummy mention got the chemical not good for baby. ;) Bear with it la..
  6. shiyi

    shiyi Member

    tats y i dun dare to cut..
    wait till after birth den cut + rebond:(
  7. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    rebond is not safe during preg... even when i was still bf-ing, my hair stylist advised me to wait until i stop bf-ing... aft 1year+ (preg + bf-ing), i finally rebonded my hair last sat -.-"""
  8. Wasant

    Wasant Member

    I thought it's safe after ...u are more stable in your pregnancy????/:elvis:
  9. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    Thanks , after reading replies & manage to dig out old thread about rebonding during pregnancy i think i would not do rebonding & so till after birth . I would look at my hair condition if i am not having any hair fall or what i think i will go after birth & confinement :)
  10. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    Wa so long ? I planned to breast feed till she is 1 year old or at least 6 months old leh .. T.T
  11. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    Ya lor don't cut unless you tell the person cut already won't curl .. , i think i am sway , the first few time i cut = nothing happen buttttttt untill last week i went to cut the hair dresser cut till it curl here & there , somemore is my layer ~ Then very annoying :(
  12. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    Hehe decided not to , already , 1 month plus to go !!
    But also need to see hair condition if hair fall , i think i also cannot do plus bf also can't :(
  13. iwan2noe

    iwan2noe Well-Known Member

    verona, Jia you!

    Bear with it..U will get by it v soon !
    the chemical used during rebonding and dying is so potent and strong it tends to get absorbed into the body system.
    So may be harmful to ur baby.. I also have v dry hair but cant do anything, except doing conditioning....
  14. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    Haha jiayou too ! our edd 10 days apart :D
    But might give birth early if baby's head not down by 36 weeks :(
  15. ohstrawberry

    ohstrawberry New Member

    Believe it or not, i did soft rebonding a few days before i delivered.
    I also very skeptical at first, but my professional stylist ensure me that the chemical will not touch my scalp and i did not regretted at all. At least for my baby 1st month, i look pretty.
    And as for my baby, he absolutely fine and healthy and also on total breastfeeding with no problem.

  16. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    I am really having a itchy heart now :001_302:
    Where did you do your soft rebonding & how much does it cost ?
  17. ohstrawberry

    ohstrawberry New Member

    I did it at Cut & Curl (Bedok Central), my stylist is Niko, costed me $130 including haircut.

  18. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    Aw , i stayed at the west ..
    If i go east area i would look out for the shop :) Thanks !
  19. ohstrawberry

    ohstrawberry New Member

    Btw they had a branch at Jurong East Central (opp Jurong East MRT) BLK 135 #02-333.

  20. Verona's

    Verona's Member

    Thank you ^^ Then it is near me now hehe ! Visit them next week or so hehe !

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