rebonding or hair treatment during pregnancy

Discussion in 'General Pregnancy Discussion' started by catherlyn, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. catherlyn

    catherlyn Member

    hi, wonder if any1 know if it is ok for pregnant mum to do hair rebonding??? im currently a 31 weeker...
  2. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    no pls!

    my gynae told me not to do any chemical things on my hair..

    even that time when i was bf-ing, i didnt dare to do all these too...

    since u're alrdy 31week preg, wait for a few more mths? =)
  3. Phoebii Cheng

    Phoebii Cheng Well-Known Member

    Yes it is better not to rebond
  4. kenxf_03

    kenxf_03 Member

    I did a rebonding when i was a few weeks preggie ( didnt know that I'm preggie that time).

    Ds is doing fine now. But to play safe, its best not to go for any rebonding loh. Cos the chemicals used are very strong..
  5. catherlyn

    catherlyn Member

    o okok... cos i was thinking by the time i gv birth till bb first month is like less than 1 mth then new yr le... don know hv time to go n do anot haha... ty for the advise.
  6. jxmummy

    jxmummy Member

    better not to... bear for another few more months, chemical harms...
  7. Clover88

    Clover88 New Member

    If you really need to straighten your hair why don't try to use straightener styler? Though sometimes makes your hair a bit dry after you do it several times, but you can apply fresh aloe vera for your hair treatment. It's natural. I think it's quite safe for your preggie.
  8. Cor

    Cor Member

    Yes, the chemicals are not only strong in terms of possibly travelling to the baby, just the MTB breathing in the smell of the chemicals is already harmful enough.. So like what the rest advised, beauty can wait for now :001_302:
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  9. iwan2noe

    iwan2noe Well-Known Member


    I think better not do and annot do rebonding!
    For the sake of ur baby, pls bear with it for awhile more...the chemical is strong and not friendly at all esp to ur unborn bb....
  10. chiro

    chiro Active Member

    advise not to cos we dun really know wat chemicals get into ur bloodstream n to ur bb...
  11. catherlyn

    catherlyn Member

    okok... decide to only tirm my hair... the rest can wait^^ ty all for the advise.
  12. PinkDiamonds

    PinkDiamonds Well-Known Member

    not only the chemicals might harm the baby, after you give birth you will drop hair when your baby is around 4 months. So if you do rebonding or treatment, you might aggravate your scalp and cause ur hair loss to be worse
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  13. iwan2noe

    iwan2noe Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with pinkdiamond.
    If that happens after ur hurt ur scalp with the extensive use of chemical (strong ones) during rebonding or chemical hair works, then i think it is not worth it....
  14. brenda16

    brenda16 New Member

    How about using those shampoo that help to prevent hair loss? I have thinning hair issue and have been using "Ba Wang" for some time even before getting pregnant. The box didn't say if I should stop if I am pregnant. This brand uses Chinese herbs but not sure if it would harm the baby. Anyone can help?
  15. iwan2noe

    iwan2noe Well-Known Member

    Re: Hair Shampoo safe for use?

    Hi brenda16,
    I also uses hair shampoo that helps with my oily scalp, Lucido. I am not sure if it will harm my baby gal, but i am still using. I like it coz I don't feel that "not so clean" feeling after washing my hair daily. Other brands of shampoo always makes me feel like a layer of 'build up' on my scalp after i washed my hair with them...

    Any advice any one?
  16. Renzie

    Renzie Well-Known Member

    Re: Hair Shampoo safe for use?

    Yeah, just tolerate for a couple of more months. I have naturally wavy hair, and have been rebonding my hair for years. But when we discovered that I'm pregnant, before I can say anything, my hair stylist is already opposed to the idea of me chemically treating my hair be it dyeing or rebonding.

    his only reccomendations are just triming (we decided that we should keep my hair long in order to prevent it from curling up too much) and scalp treatment, to reduce the amount of hair loss after giving birth. The scalp treatment is mainly usage of pressurized water to unblock the pores in my scalp. He did it for his own wife during her pregnancy, and say that it really help to reduce her hair loss, and hair wasn't as oily during confinement.

    In fact recently, I went back and ask about the dry shampoo which could be used during confinement period (my hair gets greasy when its not washed) , they also reccomend me not to use it, as the powder would clog up the pores in my scalp.

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