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Hi, 我是Erin,在新加坡从事华文教育已经有五年以上经验,曾工作于新加坡知名补习中心善于低年级基础教学及中高年级阅读理解和作文教学, 作主要为培训华文补习教师及各年级功课编写。在过去的几年里,我已经帮助四百多学生建立了扎实的华文基础,收到了学生及家长的多方好评。

假期即将来临,我现在面向P2-S4开设12月假期华文突击班。课程为one-to-one教学, 私人化定制课程。开课前,会针对每个学生进行一个简单的听说读写测试及学生以往考卷功课分析。结合学生家长诉求,定制一个适合学生短期强化课程。

Hi, I am Erin, who has been working on Chinese Teaching in Singapore for more than five years. I have used to work for a well-known Chinese Tuition Center, on building Chinese fundamentals for over 400 students. Meanwhile I am also able to provide comprehensive readings and composition for advanced Chinese language proficiency. Currently I mainly focused on developing teaching materials for Singapore Chinese tuition center, and training teachers.

I am offering one-two-one Chinese courses for P2 to S4 students. The courses would be 100% tailored based on students’ needs and abilities. Before courses, I would run a mini test and do a brief analysis based on students’ homework and exam papers. Students would see a significant and consistent improvements in their Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities, as well as in their exam results consequently.

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