Recommendation for good confinement lady


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Hi anyone can recommend me a good confinement lady?
Due 29 nov 2012.
Day / Full time confinement.
Will appreciate if u can let me know why she is good. Thanks


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Hi anyone can recommend me a good confinement lady?
Due 29 nov 2012.
Day / Full time confinement.
Will appreciate if you can let me know why she is good. Thanks
Hi Bebe,
i may have someone to recommend. Its for full time confinement.
She's dedicated and takes care of mother and child well. Loves kids and is clean. Also helps clean the house every morning. Easy to talk to but speaks mostly mandarin and knows what to cook though the food is so-so.

Contact me at my email if you like the contact details..


my confinement lady is with me for 1 week plus. I found her quite lazy. can I just ask her to leave & pay her up to date instead of full month pay?


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I can recommend my CL to you if you are interested.. She is very good.. Cooks well, take care of bb and keep reminding me to look on brighter side (cause I'm staying with my in laws)..


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Hi, am looking for a good CL. My due date is 22 Dec. Tried calling most of the CLs recommended but they are all fully booked in Dec. *stressed*


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Hi, would like to recommend my confinement lady (full-time and from M'sia). She took good care of me and baby. I had probs with breastfeeding at first- din realise that I fixed the breast pump wrongly and had engorgement but luckily she helped me with it. She cooked well (not only for me but also for my husband and mum-in-law and helped to do the housework too. She's looking for work during CNY next year. But feel free to call her and ask if u need her service at other dates.

Pls contact her directly: Wen Xiu 98609046 (S'pore)/ +60193888798


Um Nazar

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I would like to recommend/refer my confinement nanny to this forum.
Her name is May, a malaysian.

May charges very reasonably and she do for local and overseas (overseas different charges of course)
She is very systematic, neat and clean, she is easy, she is not the calculative sort and i must say she has great initiative, and she has a very positive attitude. She is not the gossip sort and she has great adapting skills.

Most importantly she is very experienced and very patient. She is good with her cooking for mommy who needs alot of nourishing and she handles baby really well. It is very comfortable to have her around.
As i am doing total breast feeding, she knows what and what not to cook for me which at this point food consumption is very important as what i eat is what the baby feeds.

During her stay, she does all the marketing.
She cooks for my hubby and myself. If my hubby do not want confinement food, she is able to make something different. Just let her know what to do or make. I stay with my family but during the confinement period they are mostly away. However when they are back, May will cook for them also. I normally will work on the menu with her. For me she cooks only 2 meals as i am not someone who wants a heavy breakfast. But if you want her to make all 3 meals she can.

She do the laundry for baby, hubby and me. She dont do ironing. But she will fold the clothes neatly.
She sweeps and mops the floor, also she cleans the bathroom for me. We didnt request her to do all these but she did it out of her own initiative.
Also with her vast experience, she is a good source when you are uncertain with what's up with the newborn. she will teach and guide you. I learnt alot from her.

I was lucky to have her even though i contacted her last min but fortunately she is free to do for me.
She is suppose to fulfill a month (4 weeks) confinement but i extended her for another two weeks. I would love to extend her for another month but she is travelling and after that, she has an overseas confinement duty. Honestly i have no idea what will i do when she leaves.

My family ( my parents and hubby) and i are fond of her and she really love our boy. I am sure we will miss her and her food.

I strongly recommend her and if i have a #2 i definitely get her back.
You may wish to contact her at 98646165 or +60127055420


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Being first time parent with no extended family around, my wife and I have hired the service of a confinement lady, Jenny (Malaysia 6016-6600358 or SG 6582042147 or email It was purely by chance of finding her. I got in touch with her through one of contacts within the postings in this website.

She turns out to be a very good cook and +++ experienced confinement lady in her 40s.

We feel that our baby is being very well cared for and more importantly she is very OK and open to discuss with our concerns and needs as first time parent.

We have arranged to hire her service a little longer than the standard 4 weeks prior because we would like to do our own "home crafting program" rather than one day thing done in the hospital.

We find this extremely useful and having support of an experienced confinement lady to call upon if needed.

According to Jenny, She normally keen to get parents learning and being involved much more in the final week of the standard 4 weeks confinement time.

I guess things all depend on one's own circumstances. My wife and I think that this particular approach has worked very well for us as first time parents.

We are very lucky to have met someone very caring and experienced in her job as well as can cook nice dishes

p.s. Pls use Chinese to write to her. Although she can converse in basic english but she reads and writes Chinese only not in english