Recommendations needed for abortion

Discussion in 'General Pregnancy Discussion' started by phlyeka, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. phlyeka

    phlyeka New Member

    Hi Mummies,
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  2. ochklk

    ochklk Member

    Frd, think twice before you act... I miscarriage the 1st one and later tried for so long then have a second one... Being pregnant is not all easy... Look down more forum for we mummies who tried for so long but without success.

    I can't give you any comments as this is your life...Just have a second thougth...
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  3. peacefulgal

    peacefulgal Member

    why would you want to terminate a healthy pregnancy? hmm... the baby is innocent

    anyway Dr Jen is good. Went to see him for some female issues sometime back. But pls note that there's always risk in abortion procedures and please... think it over again...
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  4. jojoki

    jojoki Well-Known Member

    me too had 2 miscarriage n think the d & c procedure not properly done.. after 2nd miscarraige i stopped ovulation (Totaally no period) for 2 years .. before i managed to conceive again. me too had a terrible marriage until baby came along n everything changed... for the better of course.

    Pls dun abort... give him/her a chance to live! a baby can give u strength u never knew existed to face any challenges in life.
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  5. stupidyeye

    stupidyeye Member

    Hi phlyeka...hmm listern to us...think thrice before u did anything or decide isn't easy to come...and since she/he have come why not accept??as u mention dat u and ur hubby gg thru personal well baby is innocent..and no matter wad...tok thru it...and also solve...hmm..i totally disagree with abortion actually...if there is still a way out why chose abortion???even me as a single dis age...i also wnt think of this...coz baby is ma urs...and since u have made him or her to visit tis world...den y wana kill him or her wen he or she have not seen the world???u creat and u terminate??? a life....think it carefully....things can be solve.....
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  6. phlyeka

    phlyeka New Member

    Dear Mummies....
    Thank you so much for e advice...
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  7. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    phlyeka, i'm so proud of you that you chose to keep the baby in the end.
    If your marriage is really troubling you, i think now is a good time to work on it. it gives you more motivation to solve certain issues. try seeing a marriage counsellor if you need help. sometimes they can be the 'mediator' btw hb n wife and also it'll teach both of u how to give n take and make the relationship work :)

    I wish you all the best!
  8. phlyeka

    phlyeka New Member

    Thanks stonston
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  9. phlyeka

    phlyeka New Member

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  10. snowbear

    snowbear Well-Known Member

    Just saw this thread... am glad that you made the decision to keep the baby. I feel that sometimes we dun really fully understand what love is till we have our own child. It's a life-changing event definitely! Welcome to motherhood! :Dancing_wub:
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  11. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    Hi Phlyeka babe~here a cut and paste from my earlier post:

    How to Place Baby/Kids Tickers in Mummysg Forum:

    1st step :
    Go to Lilypie or any other tickers websites once you generate the code Cut and Paste only the

    "PseudoHTML, UBBCode™ or BBCode
    Used on many message boards that dont't allow HTML"

    It should read something like this (i have removed some brackets so that it shows as a command line instead of an image, for you as a guide) :

    url= img][/img][/url

    2nd step : In mummysg forum

    Go to <User CP>

    then click <Edit Signature>

    There are 3 dialogue boxes when you click <edit signature> =

    1) <Preview> 2) <
    Edit Signature> 3) <Signature Picture>

    Paste the entire code from lilypie into the <Edit Signature> dialogue box.

    And its DONE!!!
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  12. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    having read your posts and eventually yr decision to keep the little life i am happy for you.

    have u managed to sort things out wif husb?
  13. shiseru

    shiseru Member

    I'm in tears! I am so happy for you and the baby! :wecry:

    It may be a bumpy road ahead but I pray that love and healing angels surrounds you and your baby. *hugz*

    がんばってください!! (Ganbatte!)
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  14. shespice

    shespice Member

    Happy that you're into your 5th week with baby in good health. Very glad that you have decided to have the baby. It may not be easy but hope things will get better as you and hubby work things out.
    When I first found out I was preggy after many years, I was not very happy coz I have gotten used to my life style. But as the months went by, and when you go to gynae and see your baby, you will come to love your baby more and more and see baby growing. I never thought I would be interested in a life of babies and kids....but eversince I had my little changed my life. You will find each day that your life is filled with love for this little person and you would want to give your very best. Guess its just mother's instinct whether or not we are interested in kids.
    Hang in there and look forward to a wonderful journey! Congrats to you!
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  15. JusMum

    JusMum Member

    its happy that you keep your baby with you finally, i been done 3 abortion before , the most regret thing thing i've done , the forth time pregnant again , now my boy is almost 2 month old , you will never regret to keep him..
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  16. stupidyeye

    stupidyeye Member

    darling...thanks god dat u think it again!!!!and yesh...U made 1 gd thing...which is u kep and save a life!!!!! gan jiong for me....reali worry dat u still decide to abort ur lill precious....hmm...dn wori ya...every mummy here zhi chi ni!!!jia you!!!!
    all mummy wasn't simple...same for u too...alrite???so werk for it man!!!!
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  17. joopjoop

    joopjoop Member

    Glade to know that you decided to keep the baby. Look forward to whole pregency, you will enjoy it and seeing the baby growing bigger and healthy is worth it. Once u can feel the baby movement it will be even more exciting. ^^

    If you need any support or wants some advice can always come to this forum, there are a lot of helpful mummies here willing to help you out.

    Take care and enjoy ^^
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  18. redjn

    redjn Well-Known Member

    Although I have not given you any advice on this issue but am glad that you decided to keep your baby. Trust me if you go thro' the abortion, I guarantee you that i will hunt you for life & you will never forgive yourself for making such move. trust me I had friend that been thro' this.
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  19. phlyeka

    phlyeka New Member

    Hi redjn,

    Thanks so much....
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  20. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    phlyeka babe~~~u r replying to me or redjn babe huhhh?

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