Recommended Childcare for Infant at Jurong West Area

Discussion in 'Toddlers and Preschoolers (1-5 years old)' started by mi_dun_noe, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. mi_dun_noe

    mi_dun_noe Alpha Male

    Hi Everyone

    I am looking for recommended infant care centre to send my son there. Anyone have centre to recommend me?Prefer in Jurong West Area.

    Thank you.
  2. diamond25

    diamond25 New Member


    Which Infant care did you send your son to?
  3. mi_dun_noe

    mi_dun_noe Alpha Male

    I still waiting for them to call me. Both childcare centre i went all full le..on waiting list. i went to little wings at Blk 553 Jurong West and Blk 409 Jurong West. They are under PAP and NTUC de. I want to send my child to sch at 18mths.
  4. huiyin87

    huiyin87 Member

    how about the one at jurong safra?

    i sending my boy in on 1feb..
    although haven started, but went to visit the center afew times, and all i can say is the center is very organised, focus very much on hygiene, with great curriculum too!

    but its alittle pricey, and its a premium childcare too!
  5. diamond25

    diamond25 New Member


    I am sending my gal to Little wings at 553. She starts in Feb. Very nervous and scared. She is 3months and we decided to send her there cos nobody to look after her. My colleagues who send their kids toinfant care have told me the pros and con. Mentally prepared for the falling ill part. fingers crossed.
  6. andrianie

    andrianie New Member

    My first DS went to 553 when he was 4 months & withdrew him in Feb 2011.
    We employed a domestic helper when my 2nd child was born so no longer send to infantcare.
    Anyways, other than the usual sickness issue, i felt he enjoy his frens company very much (Although they are all just crawling around). I felt he is more 'educated' when sent to school compared to staying at home with my Indonesian domestic helper...
  7. wenz

    wenz Member

    key elementary eduhouse at boon lay drive, both my youngest are there... formally known as cherie hearts boon lay, the except they changed their school name.. all teachers and directors there no change...
    their way of teaching/coaching is great really no regrets sending them there....
  8. littlena

    littlena Alpha Male

    Agree with your statement... kids learn fast..
    if u let them hang around with a maid ... versus in school... you can spot the difference in a week!
  9. littlena

    littlena Alpha Male

    In that case it's Pros and Pros..
    Falling ill is their natural way of growing immunity wise... they have to get sick to get strong ... keep them sterile in a house and the moment they step out they will be hit hard by a common bug...
    But letting them "deeducate" (sorry that's my own term :) ) with a maid .... nothing can bring that back...
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  10. Kelly80

    Kelly80 New Member

    I staying in jurong west ave 1. Both my sons in Blk 478 childcare. I prefer open air center and both of them enjoying go to center.

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