Reconcile back with ex


Reconcile back with ex.

As above topic, my ex want to reconcile back with me after he knows I just settle my problems lately.

Ex knows my problems having end this affairs with this man because of our daughter future.

Should I or not ? Please advice ?


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What do u mean by reconcile?
Just be best buddies first, if that's what u want.
Don't do it for the kid, but instead ask yrself .. what do u want?


Do you mean that you were separated because you were seeing another man? Your ex must really love you to want to reconcile with you after you cheated on him.


nobody being cheated, we divorce due to communication & relations problems.

know this man when in mid of divorcee period that time.

I just want my daughter to have a happy family in future.


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if he has not been good to you before, he might not be good to you in future.
i have read in other forums that being a single mum is lonely.
but always try to think before you act.

if you really have the desire to give him the chance, dont give it to him easily.
let him prove himself that he is worth this 2nd chance.


Sounds like someone who takes marriage like a game. Referring to him. So cannot communicate & some problems need to divorce. When problem no more, want to reconcile again?
Sorry but it just doesn't sounds right.


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Scarlet, well, i dont know if u married (initially) for the right reasons, or divorced for the right reasons... but to reconcile with someone whom u separated with due to communication problems just for the "sake" of giving ur child a happy future, i believe are the wrong reasons..
what makes u think that a "whole" family is the key a child's happiness?? 2 wrongs doesnt make 1 right.
IMO, even if u n ur hub might not be tgt anymore, it doesnt mean ur child is receiving less love from both of u. the both of u can still care and stay in contact for you child but not necessarily reconcile...
im not saying u cannot reconcile, but since u guys parted b4 due to communication break down, what r the chances of the same thing happening again after being back tgt? take your time n dont rush.. if he is sincere in being with u again, he will be patient n wait for u to be ready.. or rather, wait for both of u to be ready to start anew the r/s.
parting n reconciling n then parting again will not any gd to your child, in fact, it will confuse her further n might affect her emotions.