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  1. geraline

    geraline Member

    There are many brands of red yeast rice and many of them are claiming that this product helps to reduce cholesterol. I am thinking to get this product for my ballooning hubby to try.

    Any advise?

    Thanks in advance:)
  2. happydayz

    happydayz New Member

    Red yeast rice helps to reduce the cholesterol level by reducing the cholesterol produced in our body. It is important to know if that particular brand is safe? Is it effective?

    There is a byproduct during the fermentation of red yeast rice and the byproduct can be harmful to our liver if it is not removed.

    I recommend Cholestin. Most of my family members are long term user of Cholestin. See the result after just 3months of usage.
  3. geraline

    geraline Member

    Oh you mean you will see result in 3 months? what kind of results? which brand of Cholestin? Thanks again!
  4. happydayz

    happydayz New Member

    Will see the drop in cholestrol level in 3months. I will recommend to do a check up with the doctors so as to see the drop in the cholestrol level after taking the supplement. Cholestin from Nuskin.
  5. foodadd

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    Red Yeast Rice is a bright reddish purple fermented rice widely used as fermentation agent in food production. As a fermentation agent, Red Yeast Rice can be used in a wide variety of industries including: food production, beverage, pharmaceutical, and various other industries.

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