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Discussion in 'Slimming, Health and Body' started by rittatan011, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. rittatan011

    rittatan011 New Member

    Hi mommies!

    As many on this forum I ordered Reductil on

    I'm on it for 2 months (I lost 8.5 kg so far) and I wonder how other people taking this medicine feel?

    I had sleeplessness during the night for about a week or so (I don't have that problem anymore)
    Occasionally I have a racy heart beat and I don't know if this is something serious or not.

    As to my appetite,
    I have definitely noticed myself feeling fuller quicker during main meals and eating much smaller portions.

    What about your positive/negative experiences ?

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  2. simonelow

    simonelow New Member

    Hi. I am on week 5 of Reductil 15mg and have lost 7kg till now, only side effects I have had are dry mouth, occasional headaches and LESS hunger!
    Everyone is different on it so you need to just try it and see how you go. I am
    wanted so much to slim fast and find it very easy and effective.
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  3. evelyn33

    evelyn33 New Member

    I'm using Reductil for a month and have lost 4.5 kg effortless (no sport, no diet)
    I had some heart palpitations the first week and some problems getting asleep. Now I feel fine, no side effects and almost no appetite.
  4. lindy36ho

    lindy36ho New Member

    I was obese and lost my extra weight with Acomplia. I tried Reductil before starting Acomplia and had bad side effects (headaches, insomnia, chest palpitations) so I stopped it immediately.
    Acomplia is also a powerful appetite suppressant and works in a similar way. I had no side effects and could use it for a long period. So I lost 28kg in 8 months and really feel great. I'm more active now and always full of energy. My self-confidence and self-esteem have risen. I'm much different now and look different :wespinny: much more attractive!
  5. michal003

    michal003 New Member

    I have just a week experience with reductil but I do like it. My appetite is decreasing, I have no bad effects, I drink a lot, I exercise and I'm -1kg for now.
  6. mikelaSG

    mikelaSG New Member

    I'm taking Sibutril 15mg (generic reductil). I take a pill per day and I'm finally able to shift my stubborn fat. I lost 12kg in 3 months and this is a good result for me.
    But I do have some sleeping problems and dont't know how to manage it. Any one taking Reductil has the same problem?
  7. nikiho

    nikiho New Member

    how are u doing mummies ? still on pills?
  8. nora768

    nora768 New Member

    I have beentaking Sibutramine 10mg andI'm super excited about how much I’ve lost.

    Mystart weight was around 243lbs and I felt like I was at the point ofno return and I found myself eating more to ease my regret. Since Istarted taking these slimming pills I’m hardly ever hungry and Ifeel full most of the day.

    My first order made on Online pharmacy. Buy generic without prescription. Online the best prices. was 30 pills Reductil 10mg, after a month I bought 30 pills Reductil 15mg , as my body was accustomed to 10mg I decided to take 15mg. So, I see the effect.. really nice, I think a need 30 pills more to continue my treatment

    I wish you all good luck ;)
  9. evelyn33

    evelyn33 New Member

    I also used reductil and lost some kg in just weeks without any effort :) Just wonderful product!
  10. simone003

    simone003 Member

    I tried Reductil from a couple of sites and would like to say the reductil 15mg from is the most effective. I could feel an immediate effect and lost weight easily in just weeks. As for the side effects I had just a dry mouth. :)
  11. dollyly

    dollyly Member it....been on Reductil for exactly one weighed yesterday...lost 6 kg in 4 weeks. I have gone from eating everything in sight to having to actually remind myself to eat...Cravings for fatty foods gone...found Reductil worked in first eating healthy and walking every night...
    I'm down one size and this is just in one month...
    After years of constant weight gain due to constant food cravings I'm ABSOLUTELY THRILLED as reductil has made it so easy to lose the weight without the daily battle.
  12. frenchvanilla

    frenchvanilla New Member

    Hi, what dosage did you take? 10 mg or 15 mg?
  13. dollyly

    dollyly Member

    Hi !

    I used reductil 15 mg bought online on
    In 2 days I finish my 3rd month of treatment and I'm already -17 kg!!! :)

    If you need more details let me know.
  14. mother007

    mother007 New Member

    Hello to everyone :)
    I' m also a loyal customer of cheapmeds4u as I'm using reductil from 2013 on this site! I have 3 kids and reducti helped me lose a lot of weight after my last two pregnancies. Im in a good shape now due to this amazing product!!! :)
  15. stephan82

    stephan82 New Member

    I used Reductil for 2 months and I am glad to say that I lost 7 kg during this period. I've got these pills online with Visa card from and I'm satisfied with the results. Now, I can strongly confirm that I am the happiest person on the earth at the moment. I am full of life, more active and my self-confidence has risen. It is worth to try.
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  16. simonelow

    simonelow New Member

    Hi mother007 :)

    As I can see on this forum, reductil is still on top of all diet pills ....

    Last time I used Reductil in 2013 and also got it on
    It helped me lose all extra weight easily and since that time I did't regain any weight which makes me a happy mom :)

    A lot of friends told me I will gain all weight back after stopping the treatment but it's not like that and now I do recommend Reductil to anyone as it really has no yo-yo effect like many other slimming pills.

    Good luck to anyone!

  17. Kate87

    Kate87 New Member

    Hi :)
    I'm also ordering these pills from a very reliable online pharmacy. These guys are in business for a reason, so I always feel safe when I come back here to order my drugs.
    Wish you all the best :wink:
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  18. eileen30

    eileen30 New Member

    Hi Andytia!!!

    Last year I ordered my reductil pills on same site so you can definitely tryst these guys! They offer the best reductil pills and are very popular here in SG.
    Ectivia is a generic name for Reducil so you can enjoy your treatment :) It's just same active ingredient - SIBUTRAMINE that work on our appetite inhibition.

    Good luck to you .. and do let us know about your progress!!!

  19. simone003

    simone003 Member

    I received my reductil pills from 2 days back, this time in a record time - just 5 working days! :Dancing_wub:
  20. Choya

    Choya New Member


    can drink beer while on this Reductil?

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