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  1. Natali32

    Natali32 New Member

    Hi mummies,
    Like most of you from this forum, I am also proud with my positive experience with Reductil. I find this medicine being one of the most effective slimming pills. I used Reductil 15 mg for about 2 months andI am glad to say that I lost 9 kg during this period. I lost weight after years of trying every diet unsuccessfully. Now, my appetite is very low and I try to maintain my weight by simply eating the same foods, only not as much as of them and not as often in the case of high calories food. I am so grateful to my friend who recommended me these pills available online on I really trust them because all my orders arrived on time. And, by the way...the prices are very reasonable here :Dancing_wub: I sincerely recommend this site for those of you who are in search of good quality Reductil pills. Wish you all the best ;)
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  2. Lize14

    Lize14 New Member

    Hi, Natali
    I'm also on Reductil for almost 3 months and managed to lose 14kg of weight during this period of time. The only side effects I've had are dry mouth and insomnia but nothing too bad. Have you experienced any of these side effects? I'm also ordering Reductil from my number one destination for quality Reductil. I especially appreciate their super fast delivery :red:
  3. eileen30

    eileen30 New Member

    Yes, reductil is the best indeed! :) and young mummyes like it a lot :

    Last year reductil helped me lose all my extra weight with just little effort and very few side effects.

    It's such a pitty they banned this product...

    I ordered Reductil online on It's the main Reductil supplied here in Singapore. I have a lot of friends that use this site for years now and no complaints at all ... so I highly recommend it!

  4. michellejoy2

    michellejoy2 New Member

    same here eileen :) reductil from this site is genuine and worthy the money!!!
  5. Natali32

    Natali32 New Member

    Hi Lize,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with Reductil :) In comparison with you, I had no major side effects, only headache but only lasting the first few days...I consider myself being very lucky :)
  6. sabine999

    sabine999 New Member

    I want to say that I shop only at this pharmacy I have no doubts about the quality of my Reductil because it works perfectly for me :Dancing_wub:
    Take care of you ladies, and always remember we are the best :)
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  7. Paulina

    Paulina New Member

    Hi there,
    I agree with you, this pharmacy is my number one destination for quality Reductil. I think this product is great, I've been on just about everything, and reductil is doing the best for me.
    All the best ;)
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  8. jojoki

    jojoki Well-Known Member

    How can I get hold of reductil? 30's ( 1 month supply ) around SGD $300?
  9. Where to get this clinic ?
  10. yeo1980

    yeo1980 New Member

    Hi jojoki!

    I bought Reductil online on 2 sites: and
    And both of them supplied effective pills. I received my order in Singapore in 9 days without any problems.
    You can try any of these sites, they are secure and the price is reasonable, just 308 SGD for a month supply. If you buy more, it's cheaper. Have a look on the site.

    Good luck to yo!
  11. Natali32

    Natali32 New Member

    Hi virginialadies,
    This is an on-line drugstore and as I know, they ship worldwide including Singapore. They accept payments by Visa, MasterCard and bank transfer.
    For example, I placed my order online by using my credit card, it is issues at all.
    Regards ;)
  12. Natali32

    Natali32 New Member

    Hello jojoki,
    You can place an order online by using your credit card (they accept Visa, MasterCard) or you can make the payment through bank transfer or western union.
    The cost of Reductil for one month supply will be aprox. 305 SGD if I'm not wrong. You can visit the site and see by yourself the product and its price.
  13. Daisy23

    Daisy23 New Member

    Hi Natali32,
    I started on reductil which I bought on the same site as you just over a week ago, and so far have lost 1 kg and have 29 to go. I have been working hard to change my eating habits, and trying to get extra excercise for ages with not much result - only lost 5 kgs over months of trying, so am really hoping this will work for me. I have noticed that I'm not as hungry, and it is much easier to stay away the sugar and fat that I love so much. I've also got a bit more energy. So excited, just can't wait to see the results in the upcoming weeks :)
  14. melodybaby1212

    melodybaby1212 New Member

    Reductil 15 mg to let go. Expired date 2016, anyone keen please text me.Thks.
  15. samoh

    samoh Member

    reductil available. pm for more info
  16. augustisred

    augustisred New Member

    Samoh, not able to pm u. Mailbox full. Want to get reductil.
  17. samoh

    samoh Member

    Dear ladies... Please PM me for more info.. Will login regularly.. Managed to secure a batch from supplier with limited stock.. :)
  18. AnLee

    AnLee New Member

    Hi sabine999
    I have ordered phentermine two years ago from and I have always been very satisfied with the products supplied. Now I'm taking Reductil, I've added some kilos over this time so I need to lose them quickly before my sister's wedding. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they deliver now directly from Singapore. Placed a new order with this source and received my pills in just a couple of days. It was a complete pleasure to deal with them again, it is really easy and convenient :magneta:
  19. bei7han

    bei7han New Member


    I didn't know ships Reductil directly from Singapore.

    I ordered 30 pills of reductil 15mg online on this site and received my order in just 4 days from SG

    So fast and safe! Highly recommended!

  20. michal003

    michal003 New Member

    Hi. Are you taking any vitamins while on reductil?

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