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  1. leongve

    leongve Member

    I bought a Rega ceiling fan from Choon Ying Pte Ltd @ Paya Lebar warehouse and the price include installation. Their electrician came to install the fan but for no reason he cut away the earth wire.

    Think twice before you buy anything from them........very irresponsible people.
  2. johnstonchang

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    Totally agree with leongve.
    My wife and I went to their warehouse to take a look in Apr and got persuaded by the salesman to buy 2 Rega fans for $385 each. My big mistake was to pay in full by credit card. A day later, we saw a similar fan in another shop selling at $400 with remote control. This made us wonder if the one we ordered was with remote control, as we have a son who would not be able to switch on and control the fan without it, and it would be dangerous for him to climb up to pull the strings on the fan. We called them back to check and was told to top up $150 for each remote control, which was a TOTAL RIP OFF!!!
    Not only that, they refused to refund our money and did not bother to deliver the goods as well. After months of pursuing it with the banks, we ended up in Small Claims in Sep to settle the matter.

    Lessons Learnt:
    1. Never buy anything from Choong Ying Trading. You won't get the proper advice on what you're buying, because they are only interested to push their products. They will make plenty of claims of how superior their Rega fans are and how other makes will fail in 1.5 years. TOTAL RUBBISH!!!
    2. Don't be influenced by the salesman, do your homework and compare prices before making your purchase.
    3. Pay no more than 10% if you order something that needs to be delivered and installed.
    4. Don't even think of buying from any merchant who states that "Goods purchased are not refundable". Remember, consumers are not protected in Singapore.

  3. yvban

    yvban New Member

    I regret not " googling" for their reputation before buying from them.

    I too bought a Rega fan. It gives out "kack kack kack" sound. I wanted to ask for a replacement but they refused, pushing the responsibility to the service center. Have a look and listen to my fan here ‪Fan from Choong Ying Pte Ltd was faulty. After repair by Alpha its even WORST!‬‏ - YouTube. After Alpha ( their service center fixed it), it was even worst.

    The manager from Alpha came down and even implied that the sound was caused by someone above or below my unit!!! How ridiculous!

    Problem now is, the sound comes and goes really irritating.

    Worst of all is the service attitude of that lady. When i complained about the fan , she can even say " aiya, even you buy new car will spoil one la. Spoil then fix lor!". Keep giving me these kind of remarks when i told her that i found it unacceptable to find problems with the fan when i've not even used it for 1 hour!

    Terrible place!
  4. sam2011

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    Romagn water heater From Choong Ying Pte Ltd

    Hi all

    Please do not purchase anything from this shop which has a showroom at IMM 03-17 near the carpark entrance.
    Totally irresponsible salesman and the Romagn agent and distributor.
    Recently bought the romagn water heater.
    First the stupid technician that come to install damaged one of my water heater power point.
    2nd the S$360 dollar water heater got burned inside after installed for only one month, It also burned and damaged my other water heater point.
    Ask for warranty repair, take their own sweet time to come and the technician behave like gangster. Technician found the the water heater controller burned and replaced them but refused to replace the water heater point which was burned as as a result. Even dare to argue and shout at the customer. Call the boss of the Choong Ying Pte Ltd. Surprisely behave the same way. The malaysian technicain even want to fight and abuse the customer.
    The worst thing yet to come. The technician left the house without even bother to fit back the dangling faulty water heater power point.
    Call the shop at IMM, the salesman said you not happy go and complain to case.
    Everyone please beware of this "stupid shop" at IMM Choong Ying Pte Ltd
  5. mylittlecasa

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  6. bloodplay

    bloodplay New Member

    The person might just shorten the earth wire just to make the thing fix nicely u might not see it don't mean it isn't there

    It very funny that all the people with negative comment are few post seriously make me wonder how much i can trust them..
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  7. Zulu5

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    Re: Romagn water heater From Choong Ying Pte Ltd

    Hi Sam2011,
    I have quite a similar issue on the serviceability of the Romagn duo instant water heater just in less than a week after purchased and got the installation carried out by Choong Ying Pte Ltd installer. It appears that the usage of this water heater has triggered several electrical trips to my home circuits breakers both the internal CB and the main external CB. Its has also cause my main circuit breaker to become very hot. I am now investigating on the problem to resolve the issue, hence would appreciate if you can reply to my message to assist in my investigation to resolve the issue and protect the safety of consumer when installing Romagn duo instant water heater in our home.
  8. tkc

    tkc New Member

    went choong ying despite seeing the negative reviews online as my friend recommended it. never regret at all. bought water heater, fans, and lightings. so far everything is working well. the salesman was quite nice and he accepted the price i quoted easily. dunno why there are many negative comments abt them online.
  9. skybooknet

    skybooknet New Member

    I have been using their products so many years, didn't face any problem with them. Some more their services so efficient.
  10. daphnelee

    daphnelee New Member

    wow! two such glowing comments, with almost similar language structure. TK bought so much, fans, lightings, heater and the salesman accepted the price tk quoted without negotiation? Incredible! Stupendous!

    Must avoid, avoid.
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