Hi there. I am actually in the middle of the procedure of divorce. Coz of a third party which is a Vietnamese woman. Is there any way to ban her in SG. Dont ever let her come. I know i have already divorce nothing can change. But she came here to destroy ppl family. And muz i let her have my husband so easily. She might have cheated on some other guys.

Any advice.

Yan Yi

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Let go. The man who is unfaithful once will do it again. If he really treasure you, he should have already regret and make his turn. If he is hesitant, he is not worth of you. Move on and work on getting yourself a better life.


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Hi Pepper12! Sorry to hear about your predicament. I completely agree with Yan Yi. You need to move on with your life. Don't hold grudges as it will only remind you of the pain of being betrayed. Maybe you still love him, maybe not. But the important thing is to let go and live your life to the fullest. That's what I did.