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    I am in my 7th week and looking for a suitable Gynae. My preferred hospital is either Mount E or TMC. any recommendations are welcome

    i remember seeing a link that has list of all the gynae in singapore and where they are located as well as review from the MTB. but i cant seem to find it
    can someone give me the link.

    thanks in advance
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    hi PTB7476,
    it'll be good if you are able to find one gynae which is not far from your place so that you won't have to travel long whenever you go for your checkups.

    Take care! =)
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    Yeah, its better to find one who is near to your home so that you dont have to travel too far, especially during the late stage of your preg. Most gynea are attached to 2 hospitals so you can decide on the hospital later. For instance, my gynea's clinic is in Bishan but delivery is either Glenneagles or Mt A.
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    Dear Allycat

    can I know who is your gynae? I'm looking for one. Please email to as I seldom check this forum. Thanks!
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    just checked with my gynae she deliver in all private hospital how come yours is restricted to 2
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