Robotic Programming for Beginners


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Here is the course:

It will be conducted in my house in Sembawang.
Due to space limit and course effectiveness, maximum 2 persons per session.
All robotics kits and computers (laptop) will be provided during the course. Can bring your laptop if you want.

NOTE: This is a serious learning session that involves many theories, concept plus heavy hands-on. It is different from programming or robotic class that are meant for children.

Good to have, but no programming knowledge required, 2 persons with the same knowledge and experience level will be arranged to be in the same session.

Is is suitable for Kids 12 years and above, secondary school students or adults with KEEN INTEREST in learning Computer Programming and Robotics as a subject; We are teaching "C Programming", which is a professional computer language.

Robotics Programming for Beginners


Total 3 Intensive Learning cum Hands-on sessions – Every Saturday (9am – 1pm)
There will be theories learning, tutorials, hands-on and workshops/Labs to get the participants to understand and apply the theories and concept learned.
Course highlights
+Introduction to computer programming – Learn and practice on important programming concept such as Sequence, Repetition, Conditional Logic, Threading and Synchronization.
+Practice on using programming variables, iteration, conditional statements, real-time interaction, Boolean logic and event handling.
+Hands-on to C programming (C Language is a general-purpose and widely used computer programming language used by both beginners and professional programmers)
+Introduced to basic electronics components such as Resistors, Diode, Transistors, Capacitors, Potentiometer, Motors, ICs and Sensors.
+Learn basic circuits design and theories
+Learn how to build your first programmable electronic circuit
+Learn how to build your first programmable robotic toy.
What will you learn?
Session 1:
Learn general computer programming concept through hands-on with interesting programming blocks and animation
Learn C-programming syntax, keywords, identifier, variables, data types, input, output and operators.
Session 2:
Learn professional computer programming concept and features:
C-programming data structures, arrays, 2-D arrays, strings, procedures and functions, parameter passing, return values and Pointers. By end of the session, you should be able to write simple program for your computer.
Session 3:
You will be exposed to embedded system, which is what each and every electronics gadget is all about. You will learn to program on embedded system using C.
You will learn about the most basic electric and electronic circuit theories and how to build them through many workshops and labs sessions during the course. Participants will be guided through many simple and interesting circuits programmable using C language learned previously. You will also get to learn on motor control and sensor readings, which are parts of robotic building.
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