Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cafe @ Upper Thomson Road

Naming your ice-cream store after the one flavour which endears to you most thumpingly smacks of earnest but contrived balderdash, nevertheless it's Salted Caramel owner Bernice Ong's raison d'être (as well as prerogative) for doing so. Started in 2011, this Upper Thomson Road-based scoopaplooza has been dutifully helping to keep the mercury at bay by serving up an omnium-gatherum of artisanal frozen dainties that run the gamut from tried and tested (pistachio, earl grey, salted caramel - like duh) to offbeat (blue milk, ispahan, stout & chocolate - unfortunately sold out during our visit); a second outlet along Lorong Kilat opened nearly 10 years later, around September 2020.

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