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  1. pink_daisy

    pink_daisy Member

    hi all,

    which or wat kind of schoolbag is suitable for a lower primary school child? where can i get it? many tx.
  2. Queenbabe

    Queenbabe Well-Known Member

    Yes yes impact school bag is good but ex... i seriously think most of the wheeled bags is very heavy for the kids.
  3. littlehelper

    littlehelper Active Member

    I think you should just get the normal kind of harver sack bags.
    Those that say good for shoulders and all is good.however it is expensive and very heavy.Even without the books its already so heavy what happens when the books are in?
    It will be a burden for the child and with all the weight, do you think it is good for the child's back?
    Get those light weight bag any one will do.I m sure your child would like to change his bag every 2 years or so. So any cheap but good quality one is ok.
    Just get a light one so that when the child out the books in it will not be so heavy.
  4. Queenbabe

    Queenbabe Well-Known Member

    If 1 2 invest a good one most of those bags have quite thick padding which can last for quite long...

    If not buy a cheap one maybe can use up to 2yrs like what littlehelper say...
  5. EnFlor

    EnFlor Well-Known Member

    Got my son the SPI long as the bag suits his body frame and is able to carry all the load, that is perfectly fine.

    This SPI which he has, i find it very durable & easy to clean. It is available in S'pore stores. [​IMG]
    Go to the link to read more on ergo FAQ
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  6. pink_daisy

    pink_daisy Member

    does the school give out timetable for the child to pack his/ her bag accordingly? or they r required to bring almost everything to school everyday? pri 1 already has music lesson, art lesson, social studies on top of the 3 main subjects...
  7. EnFlor

    EnFlor Well-Known Member

    Yeah, they do have timetable. But don't worry, the teachers will tell the kids, the books/files that will be kept in school most times. So at least, 1/3 of the load will be taken care of by teachers. The books aren't that thick i think quite ok lahhh.
  8. pokemon97

    pokemon97 Member

    i bought this for my elder son at Metro when they'r having 20% sale. Quite worth for me as my son use it for 5 yrs. Only till P6 then he changed his school bag.
  9. Gladys

    Gladys Member

    I bought Impact for my P3 girl becaue she like the design and SPI bags for the P1 girl.

    Both bags can trade in for 20% discount to purchase for another new one.

    Impact bags trade in for new one at Marina Square one.

    SPI bags can buy from Centre Point and Raffles Place.

    I carry for them and feel that it is better than those normal one because it can pull the string tighter and support spinal and back . I feel it more comfortable.
  10. pink_daisy

    pink_daisy Member

    seems like Impact and SPI are the hot favourites.. any other brands which are lightweight n durable?
  11. siongnelly

    siongnelly Active Member

    yes.... i will buy impact for my son too....
  12. Wasant

    Wasant Member

    For my boys first 2 yrs in pri sch....i bought normal cartoon character sch bags....but when they are in p3...onwards.....i switched to boy used it for 2 yrs...n the bag is still in mint condition but i decide to change as it's already 2 yrs.....i ever carry my boys classmate impact bag....n it's damn heavy!!!!Maybe they stuff a lot of things in their bag???:tlaugh:personnally.....any bag will do....depends on your budget....etc...n whether they can take care of the bag....
  13. THE SAID'S

    THE SAID'S Member

    How about Lego or Crosscoms' bags? They claim to be ergonomic bags, and my girl is eyeing on those bags for next year.
  14. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    Try Deuters Ergo bag..

    If u want to buy those ergo bags, then must bring the child down to get "fitted". They have "S", "M" & "L" sizes. My 6yo is very petite and most of the ergo bag shoulder straps are too wide.
  15. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    I was told that the Lego ones has only 1 main compartment in the bag. Compartments are v impt to me cos I don't want the PE clothes (clean or used!) to be mixed up with the sch books and so on. So I chose an SPI.
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  16. kathtan

    kathtan Member

    I bought DR KOng's from Hongkong for my boy. It is similar to SPI and Crosscom but cheaper than them. As my in law goes HK pretty often, so getting it is easier. They have a website that you can look at their various design. It is very lasting too. My boy carried it for 3 yrs and it is still gd,except the size is getting a bit small for my boy.
  17. binguh

    binguh Alpha Male

    My kids just use cheap no brand bags. Although they don't last long, can always buy a new one without feeling the pinch. It's great because kids change their taste all the time. If you are buying a school bag to last 5 years, the kid will get bored easily.
  18. Mama Ina

    Mama Ina Well-Known Member

    Agreed wit u.. My gals in primary 1 eyeing for the IMPACT skoolbags.. I tout the price below $50 but hor shocked me.. So we just go buy quite the same pattern like IMPACT but smaller and only cost $40+.. Popular bookshop and kiddy palace have it.. Cos i know later Pri 2 sure she will eyeing for another bag.. heheheheheeee... As long this bag can last her for 1year ok liao..
  19. chillymunster

    chillymunster New Member

  20. chillymunster

    chillymunster New Member

    kid2youth just brought in a new bag from Germany... apparently quite a few people have preordered.

    Ergonomic bags

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