Secondary English Group Tuition @ The Cascadia, Bukit Timah

Fynn Low

Beat the ‘O’ Levels @ The English Cove

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Who says English classes have to be dull and tedious?

Here at The English Cove, you’ll be immersed in an environment of discourse as you expand your worldview. Feel empowered as you learn to express your ideas fluently with a handy stash of newfound vocabulary.

Most importantly, witness a boost in your grades (and confidence) as you master the tried and tested techniques we teach for comprehension, writing and speaking!

We welcome all Sec 1-5 pupils preparing for the “O” or “N” Levels.

Place your trust in a teacher who is MOE certified and has 9 years of experience in the local schools and The Learning Lab. We are committed to see you through to your final year. And remember, if you put in your 100%, we will give our 120%.

Find out more about us here @
Testimonials and sample lessons are also available for your viewing!

Feel free to reach me @ 96997597 or should you have more inquiries. Or sign up for a trial session now!
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