Secondary school wasn't good to me or for me, not in the slightest way.

I would vomit into the drain outside school upon alighting from the bus because I was so consumed by the anxiety of actually walking into the premises. I would slam my calf into the rail of the bus stop repeatedly, hesitantly trying to break it so I wouldn't have to attend classes. Sometimes, on those crowded bus rides in the morning when I was squished right up against the bus entrance, I wondered if I could avoid school if I just leapt out the door and hurt myself.

I turned into a reclusive shell of a human being and it took me a long time to fill out again.

If only I was bestowed with a reset button, I'd go back to the first day of secondary school and do things all over, making sure to get my house in order this time round - just to see how different my life would have been.

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