Sensitivity to smell is making me sick

Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by aadenalexis2008, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Lately I have been feeling really horrible. I just can't stand my nose, I can smell the mildest scent,and its just putting me off big time. Making me lose appetite. I have since stopped my prenatal pills cos the smell irks me from the start of having it.... Just wondering if anyone feels this way?I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and my appetite has been really bad..Anyone feels the same?
  2. jsoh

    jsoh New Member


    I also quite sensitive to certain smells and foods.
    Currently, i am wk 12.
    I think it is normal to have. Cos our body is changing and so our taste oso. :tlaugh:

  3. rjj

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    Actually I read somewhere, that this is normal... it's the mother instinct... you will even get more sensitive to the surroundings...
  4. spottycow

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    Yes, I remembered I was really sensitive to the smell of Chinese food. I used to live right on top of a kopitam so that wasn't very pleasent.
  5. justmint

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    hehee...I have this prob thru out my whole pregnancy..

    hate the smell of oily food, hate the smell of fish, hate the smell of dog food that my pets eat...:embarrassed:
  6. melon

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    For me, not only smell, but the sight of certain food makes me feel like vomitting out. Eg, i used to love curry and cookies during new year, but now when i see them, i just feel like throwing out. :nah:
  7. babymania

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    Same for me. I used to find the thai fried beancurd's smell is very nice. That day i da bao beancurd home. On my way home, i keep smelling something like preserve veggies almost vomit out but i didn't realise it came from thai fried beancurd. Finally when i realised is from the beancurd, i find it ridiculous why the smell has changed so much but my hubby said the smell is the same as before.

    Strange? But i can really smell alot of the things around me. Nice & Smelly ones.

    My taste bud also changed. i prefer rice than noodles/kuay teow. But last time, i used love kuay teow alot. And i have cravings for sweeter food.

    Badly, i don't like to drink plain water anymore which i used to drink a few bottles. Drink alot of sweet drink and carbonated drinks.

    And im not very sure how many weeks im in now but i will be seeing gynae tomorrow to detect my baby's heartbeat.

    Wish me good luck, everyone!

    Cheers! :tkaboom::tsmile::twink::ttongue::tlaugh:
  8. -SRI-

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    I cant stand the smell of ppl cooking... will make me vomit & migraine... So if my mom were to cook, i'll close my rm door n spray perfume... tats y nw i put air wick in my rm..refreshing...... :tsmile:

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