Separation and some advises needed

Discussion in 'Home Life, Relationships & Finance' started by VenusMummy, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. VenusMummy

    VenusMummy New Member

    Hi all,

    My hub and I have decided to separate. My son has just turned 1 year old and we still have a BTO flat that will be completed in 2019, but I guess we have to forfeit that. We fight and quarrel almost on a daily basis. Have seen 2 different marriage counsellors but it didn't helped much. The marriage has came to a point where there's no love left and our marriage is just a piece of binding paper.

    I am very jaded with all these fights and living with the in-laws only makes things worse. I have already shifted out to my parents' place. Unfortunately, due to some reasons, I can't bring my son over to stay with me at my parents', I have no choice but to leave the care & control to my hubs and in-laws. Renting a unit is too costly, moreover I am losing my job soon.

    And since we are only married for 1 year plus, the only way is to separate for 3 years from before we can file for a divorce.

    Any recommendations for a lawyer whom we can consult in getting the Deed Of Separation done and who charges are reasonable (not earning much at the moment)?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Super-mum

    Super-mum Member

    since cannot be together anymore, why not divorce instead of separation
  3. VenusMummy

    VenusMummy New Member

    Hi Super-mum, cus we are not married for 3 years yet, so we can divorce straight.
  4. Super-mum

    Super-mum Member

    if u have moved out then change your address. Use that as a indication as the time of beginning of separation.

    don't waste money for a separation deed
  5. VenusMummy

    VenusMummy New Member

    Hi, yep I have called to change the mailing address on my mobile bill. Have not change the address on my IC yet.

    By the way does that means that after 3 years, I can divorce straightaway as long as I can produce proof (from mobile bill etc) that I am living at a different address?
  6. Xuda

    Xuda New Member

    Yes. But also since u wan to go for separation, u mustn't have anything to do with him to show u are husband n wife
  7. VenusMummy

    VenusMummy New Member

    So I just show the lawyer my Telco bill, and I can divorce straight after 3 years? Really not sure how these Legal stuffs work...

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