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    1. GinnaMarch 30, 2016 11:30 pm
      I went today to J cube for a free trial today. and one thing that i agree with all of the above comments is that try to hard sell. As soon as she started using the enzyme i started feeling itchy and i told her so. The massage was for 3 min in total and neither did they trim my eyebrows nor pluck out the blackheads.After the session she pushed the packages and i said i didnt bring my credit card, and the lady had the guts to say that i only go for free facials everywhere. I went with the impression that as the name is Japanese,they would have excellent customer service . But alas.
      I am very happy with the package that i have with another company currently which is $120 for facial and eye treatment
      So ladies pl, even for free do not visit the J cube outlet.Reply​

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      hiJune 04, 2016 8:49 pm
      I went to Jcube for free trial today and they tried to hard sell me too. When it seems like they would not let me off no matter how many times I said no, I stood up to leave the consulting room. The senior consultant PEGGY LIM proceeded to insult me, remarking, "This is (company) stewardess. Want to just leave like that. Stewardess." There is no need to resort to insulting people when they don't want to sign up for packages. We as customers need to observe if there are any breakouts after doing their trial. It is no ethical to force people to sign up on the spot. Very bad experience.Reply​

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      SazaxJune 20, 2016 12:31 am
      I signed up for a package and I deeply regret it. Their "spot removal" treatment has left me with craters in my face where they "removed" my freckles and also dark marks that are even bigger and more obvious than the freckles they were supposed to remove. It's been 2 months and the scars are still not going away. I'm going to try to get a refund or at least get them to fix the damage they did to my skin, but pls learn from my stupidity and DO NOT sign up with them. It's a money-making scam.Reply​
  1. Wenzi SeahMarch 29, 2016 11:03 pm
    Dont ever try to enter this. forever will remember this bad experience in my lifetime with shakura!

    I bought the promotion package for this shakura facial with RM28 at their roadshow, ioi mall.
    After that, they called me once a week to ask me make an appointment with them, I told them i was busy and need to arrange my schedule for facial. And one of the sales girl and return me in very rude talking.
    Fine, after a week, a girl called me again and i was thinking quite a long time never do facial and would like to try it.

    So i make a reservation at shakura, mid valley.
    When i reached, one of the girl ask me to regiser with ic and afterwards asking me to enter the consultation room. Once i enter, nightmare begun, the girl keep forcing me to sign for member which cost RM560 without any facial treatment, and this cost just for member fee!
    I said 'no' because i havent get to try any of the service and you want me to sign for member first?
    She didn't give up, then she scan my face and with a shock face said my face got very serious problem, if i dont cure it then it will be very very bad.
    She quickly asked me 'definitely you will be scare with it right, but dont worry, we shakura can help you.'
    Then sell me with another facial package. One time facial, cost me for RM560 also, but because of i bought the voucher which cost RM300 with RM28, so i will get a discount price, RM560-RM300=RM260. I said i will like to try the package i bought first but the girl keep on forcing me to pay for RM260, she said if you dont buy this you will never get your face better. I keep on fighting with her for almost an hour, she keep on selling me with package only, RM260+RM28 only for a facial treatment, she told me is mixing for 3 type of enzymes, and i asked her what is the ingredient inside the enzymes, she told me it is cheese and milk.
    I know it sound very weird but in the forcing situation i still pay for the RM260 just want to get this done.

    After i entered the room, she help me to wash my face and do 2 times of mask, massage, altogether for less than 1.30hr only.
    Then when i finished my facial, i dont feel any changes for my face also. She asked me to enter the consultation room again, and scan for after result. Then she keep saying the after result is very good, my skin became fairer and better. But I dont feel that at all. I said no and she keep on saying I dont know how to see forcing me to say yes, it is better.

    After that ask me to buy their package, she said i need it because my face situation is very bad, the package
    cost me RM11200, then 40% discount as i signed for member, it will be RM6720. Then i said no too pricey for me. Then she gave me another package with ten time facial, RM3360 and then til the end RM1680.
    I said no, i need to think of it first. The girl keep saying it is very worth and you will never get this package again.
    Keep forcing me to buy the package, said just use your credit card then you will settle everything.
    I was forcing myself dont say yes, and until the end she cant persuade me to buy the package then she use my RM260(payment i made before) to sign up as a membership.
    Then finally i can leave this blood sucker place! It took me 4 hours just for consult and forcing you to pay the money, facial only took less than 1.30hr.

    After i went back home i felt i so stupid why i pay for RM288 just for one time very normal facial.
    So listen to me, dont ever enter this scary place, they want your money only.
  2. DelilahFebruary 11, 2016 3:48 pm
    I regret signing up...they are very pushy in making you sign up...very bad services after you sign up. I can't wait for my package to be over
  3. grace dOctober 23, 2015 11:58 pm
    immediately after the trial, in the 12 hours, the skin is very good. but after that, it's all itchy. i suspect it's the enzymes. it's strong so it works fast while you are at the shop. but after 12 hours, the skin's defences kick in and it gets all itchy.
    went to the tampines one.
    the sales manager was EXTRA SUPER pushy.
    pulled out every single trick she can use.
    she spent over 30 minutes non-stop trying to pressure and hard sell me.
    she said she left the door open so I cannot complain to casetrust that she used "hard sell" on me.
    before the trial began, they make you sign a form which says that they will NOT pressure or hard sell you. BS.
    she saw my address is landed property so kept saying how can i have no money.
    start from praising me, it didn't work.
    so moved on to humiliating me.
    saying i am turning into ugly old hag, didn't look after my skin, my husband will leave me, blarblarblar.
    felt like slapping her face.
    the manager's name is MENARD YEOW. if the junior cannot close any deal, she will use the trick to "call the manager and ask if they have any special promotion just for you."
    she will try every thing to squeeze money out of you.
    i told her if i think it works, i will come back another day. no need to pressure me this minute.
    she said if i walk out i will never come back.
    i am like what??? so it must be crap if i never come back! logic...
  4. I signed up for the trial sessions last year since I do have pigmentation issues, for those who know me will know. And since they advertised heavily on air, thought it wouldn't kill to try.

    During the trial, a skin analysis was given. That took about 30mins. The treatment result didn't show my pigmentation reduced. My face looked the same to me. But the treatment was enjoyable, besides the usual cleansing, masks, there's also the eyebrow trimmings and massage. A special pigmentation treatment was done as well, not sure the effectiveness but I felt great. Face seemed more supple, cleaner and brighter.

    After the treatment, was asked to sit in the consultation room and this is where they try to sell me packages. The pigmentation treatment sessions of 10 will cost SGD1800 (after discount!). I frankly told her I wouldn't even think about it so she counter proposed a more basic facial treatment at SGD800 (after 50% discount) for 10 sessions. I signed it up. Not because to fend her off or that the treatment is effective but because I was looking for facial packages and her skills are good plus the products used are really pleasant.

    She walked in with a pleasant surprise! Gave me a full range of products she thinks suitable for me (I believed anyone who signed will get one set too).
    (Less the rightmost product which I bought myself at a later stage.)

    For someone who doesn't use any facial products (you can tell I even have to label the products to remind me the sequence in how to use them!) and to actually comment that these are perfect, I'm not lying.

    1. Cleanser. Liquid-gel form. It sends out a really pleasant fresh smell that I fell in love with.
    2. Toner. Not like it is of any difference to the rest of the toners you can buy off the shelves in the market, just simply love it because it also has this really pleasant smell and it is alcohol free, so actually cotton wools are be not used.

    3. Serum Spray. Supposed to be hydrating. The only thing I didn't quite like is the spray function as it doesn't spread out evenly like it should. But no complaints on the serum liquid itself.
    4. Moisturizer. Really love the container, pretty convenient with a gentle press. Most importantly, it doesn't leave your face sticky after use like some other moisturizers would. Would have loved it more if they have a bigger bottle!
    5. Sunscreen. Same container style as the moisturizer. It also doesn't leave your face sticky or oily after use. No complaints!
    6. Intensive Spot Corrector. Bought this at SGD88 to try. Use this once every night. It has a very unique bottle style where you have to place the nozzle against your skin to dispense. No rubbing (she said!) but just dabbing it at pigmentation area. I still can't be sure how effective this is....
    7. Spot Corrector. It too, also has a really pleasant smell. It looked gross though as it appears as some form of yellow liquid. But I think it only costs me SGD33/bottle. No harm buying a bottle and try. Afterall, their products never leave any sticky feel on my face anyway. So I used this in the morning and then the intensive spot corrector at night.
    8. Eye Cream. Not sure if it is effective but it sure feels good. Non-sticky or oily or wet. Just a comfortable feeling. Though this does not have a pleasant smell like the rest, but it is okay since it's applied over the eyes anyway. It smells like Fast Food restaurant's exhaust. LOL. Each time the therapist applied on me, I really thought she just had her dinner and burped. But after I bought this, I realised, it is the product itself. :p But honestly, I did feel my eyes less puffy and less dehydrated.


    And it was only until today I googled (because I wanted to purchase a set of the products to stock up) that I found many many negative comments of Shakura, majority are those in Malaysia. There are a handful complaints from Singapore as well, even at the branch I patronized. Complaints related to consultants trying to hard sell very badly and also treatments causing their faces to swell and itch. But to each of her own, everyone have different sensitivities. Oh well, the last Spa package I signed close to SGD1000, they closed down even before I could even try it out for one time! Luck! Let's hope I have better luck this round!

    Much as I guess I wouldn't re-sign the package unless they could reduce the cost much further, but I really love their products. I have never used a single facial product till its last drip in its bottle/tube in my life till date but I know I would for Shakura products. I obediently used them twice daily. And when I travel without them, I felt lost! They are costly, but they are the only ones that could make feel like using them!
  5. Hi all

    I am a New york skin solutions victim too. I am so angry with their unbelievable poor services and unethical hard selling. Now, I saw this forum and know I am not the only one. I contacted one of NYSS ex- customers who was extremely unhappy with their services, stopped and claimed the rest of unused package money back through CASE or SCT.

    I would like to call out to all the victims who are unsatisfied with their services, STOP the treatment RIGHT NOW. Contact me and we will claim our money back together.

    Please contact me at 90400758 or

    I would like to gather more victims so the sg government will proceed our mass complaint at higher priority.

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