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  1. guys. I really need advice. I'm 16, a guy and I've very deep acne marks before going to Shakura. My cousin recommended me Shakura and said it helped her skin problems. And so I went with my mum to the Jcube (Singapore) outlet. After the first free trial and skin analysis, the specialist recommended me to sign up for 20 sessions at $6000+. My mum was shocked and she said she can't afford to pay for that much. After much discussion, the specialist lowered the price to $3000+ but it was only for 10 sessions. My mum this deal. Halfway though the 10 sessions, the specialist strongly recommended me to sign up for another 20 sessions which is a different formula. At that time, it was around Mothers' Day 2016, however my mum decided to sign up for only 10 sessions, it cost $2000. My mum accepted and paid it. And that halfway through that, the "senior" or "head" recommended me to purchase 20 ampoules, which is the very small bottle and inside every packaging, there's only 5 of it. She said once you apply it, you would see drastic changes to my skin. My mum bought that it costs another $2000. In total, she paid around $8000, and the payment method was like a credit card and some money would be deducted every month.

    However, all of these has no effect. And around my 14th session, my specialist left the company and was replaced by a more "pro" specialist. She said that she is like the manager. I would soon be approaching the 16th session and there are very little improvements in my skin. In fact, my skin got more pimples and acne because of this. My mum and dad plan to head down to the outlet to ask why is my face still in a bad condition. Can anyone of you suggest what should I do now? My dad says he wants to request for free treatment and only stopping to the point where my skin is better than my original skin. Do you think refunds would work? What should I do? I'm now so guilty as my mum paid a ton of money and has to continue paying for 3 years. Since I'm 16, I've calculated that even after I graduate from Poly, my mum still has to pay for this. My face is now really bad. I've took a picture of my face before I went to Shakura and did not take any subsequent photographs any more. My face before going to Shakura is definitely better than now. That's my only evidence. How can I get back my money?

    Thanks for reading. Hope to hear comments regarding my issue...

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